Wabbit Season

Why, yes, Mr. Cain, we have a question! Are you fucking nuts?

[via Political Wire]

Update: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.” And bunny-whacking.

We’ve replaced the YouTube version with Politico’s version.

Update 2: YouTube version’s back up (and back here), no explanation. Our hunch: Somebody pranked Cain! by complaining about the violence.


Who wrote this? Monty Python?

Needs a NSFFlipplin

It’s gone now. Anybody have another link, since nothing ever disappears completely from the internet.

@Dave H: I’m looking — although the removal is funny in itself.

@Dave H: Okay, Politico has a version — an iPad-unfriendly version — that I’ve posted instead. Although now I’m wondering what the deal is. The original was posted to Cain’s own YouTube account.

@Dave H: YouTube version’s back online.

Is Cain promising to jump off that cliff if anyone tries to stimulate him?

@ManchuCandidate: Thanks for the heads up. I saw “bunny wacking” and thought I should skip this one. Now I’m off to watch Fatal Attraction….anything I should know? Dum-de-dum….

@flippin eck: Don’t stay for the soup course. You might want to watch “Roger & Me”. Oh, wait…

@flippin eck: Unless it’s already too late, you might want to avoid any news about Til the earless bunny.

@Nabisco: I can find an old “Eating Raoul” poster, if it provides balance.

@nojo: Thanks for waving your magic i-wand and bringing this back. My only disappointment was the lack of Cain’s great version of The Smoking Man.

@mellbell: I hadn’t heard it, but out of morbid curiosity I looked it up….and so help me, I laughed. I may like bunnies, but I’m not immune to that level of macabre absurdity.

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