The Postman Always Finks Twice

Our guest columnist has submitted the following affidavit to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Allen Hulton, being duly sworn, on oath deposes and says:

I am a resident of Belvidere, Illinois. I have personal knowledge of the facts contained herein.

I was employed by the United States Postal Service in DuPage County, Illinois, as a letter carrier from March 28, 1962 to March 30, 2001, on which date I retired. Attached hereto as Exhibit A are documents that support that I was employed with the United States Postal Service.

From late 1986 to 1997, I served at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois post office, postal zip code 60137. My primary duty at the time was to deliver mail on Route 6.

During my time at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois post office, I delivered mail to [redacted] Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the residence of Thomas and Mary Ayers, who were the parents of Weather Underground activist, Bill Ayers. The area in which they lived was upper middle to upper class. Thomas Ayers was the president of Commonwealth Edison at the time.

While making deliveries to [redacted] Glen Ellyn, Illinois, I spoke with Mary Ayers approximately 18 to 20 times, and with Thomas Ayers on at least one occasion. I also delivered certified letters to Weather Underground activist Bernadine Dohrn several times at the [redacted] who was staying with the Ayers for a short period of time. I knew who Bernadine Dohrn was at the time I was delivering the mail, but I did not have any conversations outside of obtaining her signature for the letters.

During this time, I never met Bill Ayers; however, I attended Glen Bard High School (now Glen Bard West) with Tim Ayers, Bill Ayers older brother. I would have graduated in 1961. I did not graduate with my class, but I did receive my GED while in the service. It was this relationship with Tim Ayers that allowed me to speak more easily with Mary Ayers.

When delivering certified mail to Ms. Dohrn, I was aware that she was not a people person. At our class reunion, approximately 5 years ago, I asked Tim Ayers about Ms. Dohrn. Tim Ayers stated “She’s a star,” and bragged about how her students loved her.

I recall speaking with Thomas Ayers on one occasion shortly after the Ayers had moved onto my route. When we spoke about my job with the postal service, Thomas Ayers spoke like a Marxist and talked about the class struggle between the rich and the poor.

In the early 1990s, I spoke with Mary Ayers who told me she was impressed with a foreign, black student. I do not recall from what country she said he was. I recall that the student had an unusual, foreign sounding name. Mary stated Thomas Ayers was helping this student through school financially.

A period of time, I am not sure of the exact period of time, after the conversation with Mary Ayers, while delivering mail to the Ayers’ residence, I was approached by a young, black male in front of the house and struck up a conversation I with him. The male introduced himself. He had an unusual, foreign sounding name. The male stated he was there to thank the Ayers family for the help they had provided him with his schooling. The male was young, tall, thin, had a light complexion, and had ears that stuck out. He was polite, articulate and spoke with no foreign accent. He stated during the conversation the male stated that he was “going to be” President of the United States. I was taken aback by this statement because he came across as if his presidency was prearranged.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I saw several news reports detailing a relationship between candidate Barack Obama and radical activist Bill Ayers. These stories reminded me of my conversations with the Ayers and my encounter with the young black male with the foreign sounding name. The facial and physical characteristics, as well as candidate Obama’s voice, matched that of the young black male I met at the Ayers’ home. I am positive that the black male I spoke with in front of the Ayers house that day was indeed a young Barack Obama.

Hulton Affidavit [PDF]

Postman: Ayers Family Put ‘Foreigner’ Obama Through School [WND]


Another earth-shaking revelation!
And by an former government agent.

I never knew Roy Ayers toured with Foreigner. Wait. What?

I have a friend whose sister in law has a great uncle who swears years ago he overheard a guy who looked just like Ronald Reagan bragging in a Hollywood bar that he was a Comintern agent who had sex with Josef Stalin and was going to trick reactionary businessmen into making him President. Now it all makes sense.

Somebody ping the DSM V people – clearly “birtherism” needs to be added as a new diagnosis.

“Mr. Chambers, the first page is just a collection of English words with their own translation. But the rest of the book…the rest of the book—It’s a cookbook!”

Couple of RW memes to share today on the Florida kid: Shooter Zimmerman is not white, he’s Hispanic (although Hispanics can be white . . . ). Also: race riots!

Gun blogger: ” . . . it seems to be death by mall ninja.”

Been checking the webz for the kid’s autopsy report but it’s not out yet. Wound location and path of the bullet will show whether he was standing or lying on the ground (like some victims in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting were) when he was shot.

@redmanlaw: I noticed that last night — big difference between hearing “Zimmerman” and seeing Zimmerman. Especially when you know it’s Florida.

ADD: It’s not like hearing “Bernhard Goetz” and knowing where to file your thoughts.

@Dodgerblue: One report I saw said chest.

@nojo: A lot of bloggers and commenters saying things like “what made an unarmed Black male a threat to an armed and White George Zimmerman would require honesty about what American society teaches” and “the Trayvon Martin tragedy is not simply about a trigger happy White male and the murder of a Black male . . . ” may be eating some words now.

“On Skittles, Iced Tea, and White Privilege ”

The comments are, well . . .

“I know lots of readers will probably get angry when I comment, but I can’t understand how any black person could love, marry, or procreate with whites! They are all inherently evil!!! ”

Mrs RML has already shelved our Florida vacation plans because of the “stand your ground” doctrine in effect there. We’ll go to Portland to see friends and be annoyed to death instead.

You evil white people have a good afternoon.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, I looked into it last night, noticed that it didn’t fit a certain, um, profile, and decided to leave the outrage to others for the moment.

It’s still an outrage. The kid’s still dead. The Florida law is still unjust, and the local PD is still fishy. Black folk still have every reason to express their fears about being Black in public. But it’s not the story you would think it is upon first hearing about it. Personally, I don’t have a fix on it yet.

And Portland? God help you.

@redmanlaw: Acapulco. Didn’t fell anything here. But I’m 1500 miles north.

@redmanlaw: Drop me an email or fb message–I’d love to have a stinque-up in PDX, or you could always come out to the valley for wine and a break from annoying hipsters.

@Mistress Cynica: That would be awesome. You and Mrs RML might end up locking their boys out on the patio with a huge mountain of beers, wine and CDs while you guys geek on Downton Abbey inside.

@Dodgerblue: No date, no firm plans yet. We were supposed to go in early June to where a former (high up the food chain) Seminole client of mine and some old journalism friends of ours live in Florida – until they get shot!


I hope we still get to go. I got a line on a house in the Keys for a few days.

@redmanlaw: We all carry the Oregon Zombie Virus.

@redmanlaw: Ms RML doesn’t want to go to FL? I now keep a list of States to Avoid. I need go to Florida soon to visit my much-loved aunt but I won’t drive through Virginia, the Carolinas, or Georgia any more. Except I love to make detours and drive down the coast. I love Georgia. Except it’s gone crazy. I just spent an hour talking the hubby down from wanting us to flee the country. To go where? It’s not funny any more.

@Benedick: President Romney will fix everything after Obama is taken out by big business, the mainstream media and stupid people.

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