We’d Buy One With Che On It

Above: A flag at the Lake County Florida Democratic headquarters that has Sparked! Outrage!

Jay Agg, communications director for AMVETS, told FoxNews.com that the American flag should never be altered.

“While we are pleased the flag in question has since been removed from public display, the reported fact that it had flown for months without protest is a clear indication that we have much work to do in educating the public of the importance of protecting our flag,” Agg wrote in an email. “This issue is especially important to AMVETS’ members, the men and women who have proudly worn our nation’s uniform and served under her flag.”

Below: Flags waved at an Alabama Tea Party rally in April 2009. The story doesn’t indicate whether the offending waver was taken out back and shot.

American flag with President Obama’s image sparks outrage at Florida Democrats [Fox]

GOD BLESS AMERICA ! Oh and please wipe your feet before entering our
blessed home.

But the teabagger flags are patriotic flags! The red stripes in the Obama flag represent socialism, the white stripes represent surrender to America’s enemies at home and abroad, and the portriat is of a Kenyan.

Them mudflaps have jest enough room to put a chrome nekkid ladies up there.
I trade you my Anthony Weiner running shorts for one of the David Vitter personalized flag diaper covers
ADD/ A little sumpin for the Republican convention: American Flag Condoms, Bag of 50

Remember back when AMVETS got all bent out of shape about WND and Chuck Norris selling tea-dyed flags?


Yeah, me neither.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Silent Creative Partner. He always packs one with him.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I don’t use it, but the VA reps gave me one with their number and all kindsa shit on it, like the VA suicide hotline number. I’m serious.

I know someone with a Union Battle flag that he puts out when his neighbor hangs out the Stars and Bars. I am certain that the significance of the number of stars is lost on the neighbor.

I see nothing wrong with the Bennington Flag, in that it’s not an “illegal” flag. Only with the Teabagger holding it.

@matador1015: Except that it’s speculatively dated from 1812 or even 1876, and doubted as an original Revolutionary flag. Since I’m an Originalist, your objection is overruled.

@nojo: I would tend to agree that it’s not Revolutionary, since no one puts a year on their flag (Except for Texians). I remember the Bennington Flag showing up in some of my research back when I was a lad, although more than enough time has passed for it to be discredited. The Tea Party seems to have no problem appropriating older flag designs to their cause. Of course, it’s not like they put Dubya’s face on the Stars and Stripes. (Blaaach! I need brain bleach, stat!)

@matador1015: Orygun also has a year on its flag. Plus a beaver.

@nojo: Got-dam libruls. Putting sexual objects on their state flag.

For a limited time, Nancy Reagan is selling some of Ronald Reagan’s personal items to the public.

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