The Tide Comes In, The Tide Goes Out

“Amid a nationwide wave of Tide laundry detergent thefts, Orange County authorities confirmed Wednesday that a Vons in Mission Viejo also has seen the big brightly colored bottles stolen off its shelves.” [LAT, via @pourmecoffee]


Dude. This shit works. Especially the kind with bleach alternative.

/Mom Off

Awesome. Steal detergent, get held on $1 million bail.

Steal $900 million, get FUCKING BONUSES and no charges:

@al2o3cr: True dat.

I guess they GTL in Orange County, too. Gotta be fresh, man.

Decent-sized bottle of that shit costs about 14 bucks here in the city – I am a detergent whore (and dishwashing liquid). Whatever is cheapest.

Tide has a $20 street value??? People, you can make five gallons of laundry soap for under $1 using a bar of Castile soap, some washing soda and borax, and hot water. And it doesn’t have that cloying smell. Seriously, I can’t sleep on sheets that have been washed with Tide. It makes me gag.

@blogenfreude: You can save a fortune making your own. I make all my own cleaners using the aforementioned ingredients, baking soda, and vinegar. Lemme know if you want recipes.

@blogenfreude: I won’t buy dish soap unless it’s antibacterial, which bumps up the price. Worth every penny.

@mellbell: I had to boil my water (Fuck you, Harrisburg! Like a beaver can break a water main) for a week, after we had the water restored. I let my dishes soak in hot water with a capful of bleach. I still do it once in a while.

@mellbell: Antibacterial soap is one of the great evils, according to the scientists (immunologists/microbiologists) I know, because it encourages development of antibiotic-resistant germs. Hot water and plain soap, maybe some vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting something really bad.

@Mistress Cynica: making my own food is enough, but thanks (coming from a guy who just ordered us gyoza and katsu);
@JNOV is like, Peace?: powdered doesn’t do the job, so it’s more expensive in the long run (in my mind) and GF would object as well;
@mellbell: don’t buy that crap – George Carlin pointed out that your immune system needs shit to practice on … the current trend of hand sanitizer everywhere means the weak will be killed off in the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

@Mistress Cynica: @blogenfreude: Yes, I know, and I’m not a fan of hand sanitizer at all, but I gave myself a bad case of food poisoning once, and I’d rather not repeat that episode because of a germy dish.

Anyone notice that Frothy and Mittens affected Southern accents last night? Pfft.

@blogenfreude: @Mistress Cynica: @JNOV is like, Peace?: Need to weigh in here –

Peroxide is a good sanitizer but does not hold up in hot water – breaks down to water and oxygen I think. If you are going to use hot water try oxyclean or one of the other “oxy” products that are now available at the dollar type stores. The compound in them holds up better and does not contain chlorine. Bleach will etch the glass and dishes.

Consumer Reports has a good article once a year or so on laundry and dish detergents. Go read it at the library.

I try to use only non-APE based cleaners. The articles in Consumer Reports point out which ones are APE free. It isn’t always clear on the label. I don’t like the idea of hermaphroditic fish. Humans are Okay but fish? No!

@Mistress Cynica: Homemade is good. I know folks who do well by that route.

@mellbell: I have often washed my camping dishes with sand or small gravel from the creek bed (no soap) and have drank water out of my share of creeks, lakes and irrigation ditches. I was just thinking the other day of when we used enameled steel washpans before we got running water back at the Ancestral Homeland.

@redmanlaw: Good lord, what kind of a hotel is that? Next you’ll tell me there wasn’t an outlet for your phone.

@redmanlaw: Your Ancestral Homeland isn’t one of those contaminated by uranium mining, is it?

@DElurker: I’m cool with the etching. Not so cool with waterborne parasites.

Oh! Yeah about the fishes and amphibians. Have you seen Poisoned Waters? This is some scary shit.

@Mistress Cynica: agreed. my house is on a septic tank so i don’t use anti-bacterial detergent or soap. also, i think it is better to rinse your hands with cold water than using that anti-bacterial lotion folks slather all over themselves these days.

on a similar note, i saw a doctor on pbs 2 nights ago talking about avoiding the pharmacy if possible. he said his pharmacy is the produce section of the grocery store. it is much cheaper and works better with no side effects except a good dump.

@mellbell: Something to consider: any of the disinfecting products I’ve ever looked at include an instruction like, “For disinfecting, cover surface in Cleaner Name™ and let stand for 10 minutes…” The way dish washing works (at least hand washing) is that the soap and water loosens anything stuck to the dish (dirt, grease, germs, etc.), so that the water stream can flush it away. That’s why we don’t use porous-surfaced dishes. Antibacterial soap isn’t materially able to affect whether or not germs are left behind (and trade out your drying towel pretty frequently, or you’re just wiping germs over the dish as you dry it).

@JNOV is like, Peace?: My Mom’s reservation, the Navajo Nation, is riddled with coal and uranium mines and leftover mining waste. People used to use radioactive rocks to build their hogans and she and her brothers and sisters used to run around and play in the hills near uranium bearing lands. Almost everyone in her family who stayed out there has some sort of mysterious ailment or another possibly related to exposure to radiation.

My Dad’s homeland where I grew up after moving there permanently in the 3rd grade (we were there previously after I was born in San Francisco and before I started 1st grade), on the other hand, is a mostly pristine mix of plains, hills and mountains that includes a federally protected wilderness in the highest reaches of the reservation. Some people still farm, the reservation rivers are full of fish, and my brother got an elk this year at a spot in the hills from where he could see my Dad’s house. It has a lot of problems in terms of crime, education attainment, substance abuse and unemployment but we can also turn out a hundred people for a Corn Dance or Buffalo Dance (including me) , or several hundred for our annual three day pilgrimage to our point of origin.

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