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Frank Bruni’s lamentation over Olympia Snowe’s departure from the Senate is disgusting:

She moved, dressed and treated people — even reporters, and even when we hounded her through the hallways of the Capitol — with an unforced, uncommon graciousness. She spoke with intelligence and almost never with vitriol.

But those weren’t the main reasons we had such soft spots for her. We liked her best for her disobedience. Unlike the majority of her colleagues in the Senate, be they Democrats or, like her, Republicans, she dared to disagree with her party. Often. And she did it publicly, with her votes and her forthright explanations of them.

Snowe (and Susan Collins, also of Maine) voted for the Iraq War. They voted with Bush most of the time and only became “mavericks” when it was clear the Boy King would get what he wanted anyway. They, and others like them, should be driven from polite society.


Funny how all this breast beating about Sen. Snowe’s retirement and what it says about politics overlooks the very real issue of her husband’s company possibly committing fraud against the United States government, eleven states and the District of Columbia. At least those are the parties to the lawsuit to recover some of the money his company collected.

If being a moderate Republican equates to using your office to multiply your bank account then I say good riddance to them. Unfortunately I suspect the Puritanical Tea Baggers elected in 2010 are becoming more moderate Republicans every day.

@Dave H:
Yeah seriously. I googled that. One would think this would be, well, national news of some sort. Nope.

All those annoying “Art Institute of Whatever” commercials. His company is responsible for that.

Just for clarification, that “Art Institutes of” does NOT include the Art Institute of Chicago, founded 1879. I have a close friend who teaches at their associated school, who beat out about 400 other applicants for the position. The for-profit Snowe-job version calls itself The Illinois Institute of Art. Here’s the real one:

@RevZafod: Also, the Art Ensemble of Chicago is totally different.

@redmanlaw: In the closet, behind the dashiki.

@redmanlaw: And if they do, how do you tell?

@nojo: Zombies can eat non-human flesh? Grim days for the cattle industry, but have you ever tried to catch a loose pig?

@redmanlaw: There’s a Mad Cow gag in there somewhere.

@redmanlaw: have you ever tried to catch a loose pig?

A bottle of scotch and a loose sow?

@RevZafod: Thank the FSM. Mr. Cub went to one of those evil, for-profit Art Institutes and is in student loan debt slavery, and will be for the rest of his life.

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