Andrew Breitbart is Still Dead

Title: “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!”

Author: Andrew Breitbart

Rank: 8

Blurb: “Breitbart will certainly raise your blood pressure, one way or another.”

Review: “Better Late Than Never.”

Customers Also Bought: “The Fatal Conceit” by F. A. Hayek

Footnote: “We post this, not in order to sell the idea that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated, but to show the technology exists to do such a thing as create someone’s massive heart attack.” [Gulag Bound]

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I was wondering if he was going for the Hitchens effect? A down-market, lobotomized version of the ‘gadfly’ thing Hitchens did. I always thought there was a pre-fabricated feel to his opinions: he was less interested in being heard than in have us all look at him. But kudos on the use of PS liquify tool to lengthen and narrow the face.

As dishonest in death as he was in life.

Yeah, the fact that he had a heart attack in the last year, had serious issues with temper control, was flabby, sweaty, his face was usually flushed and had obvious signs of alcohol abuse had nothing to do with it.

My money is still on blow. Think The National Review will have a cover of him in his casket like The Enquirer did of Whitney? They are publications of equal value and similar editorial thrust…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Cheney’s getting desperate. He’s starting to feed on younger souls.

I think Cheney forgot that Bitpart had no soul.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for RW martyrdom:

– get diagnosis of terminal condition
– spread around rumors of “October surprise”
– die of said terminal condition before releasing anything
– PROFIT!!!!

FFS, it’s more plausible than 90% of the “OMG HILLZ KILLD EVERYBDOY” garbage that circulated during the Clinton administration.

Breitbart.Firebrand. Gadfly. Patriot. Food for maggots.

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