Grand Theft Pooh

To be honest, we’ve always been partial to Eeyore, but he wouldn’t last ten seconds in there without Max Sex Appeal.

[via Know Your Meme]

OMG. Disney will so cap their ass.

PS. Is that catchy song available on iTunes?

They should do one where all the police are played by Mickey.

TJ/Megs McCain on MSNBC. She’s advising Mittens to go for the jugular in the debate. In a statesmanlike way. Also, she’s letting Republicans know that the end goal of this process is to beat President Obama. No statement on the fact that swimming makes you wet yet, but I’m sure she’s getting to it.

I like her new hairdo, it looks like her Mom’s. Her blouse is hideous and makes her look lumpy, which is a shame because I think she’s lost weight. I wish she would say something that had actual content, because them Id have something to report on other than her looks.

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