Trees Are the Right Height

We missed this the first time around, and now that it’s been plastered all over the place, it may be too late. But it’s a slow afternoon, and this shows Mittens in full Jerry Lundegaard mode, so what the hell.

[via TPM]

See, I thought the trees are the right height was sort of witty, like he’s sending himself up, but then the next ton of shite just wipes him out. Being easily embarrassed I’ve yet to be able to watch this all the way through. I usually hide behind the sofa.

Contrast the incredible awkwardness above with the marvelous smoothness with which our President sings “Sweet Home Chicago” with B. B. King.

@Mistress Cynica: And Buddy Guy, from whom Hendrix used to steal licks.

@RevZafod: Dude lives in Santa Fe a few blocks from my office. One of my partners has lunch with him on a regular basis. The man is a fan of Mrs RML’s work at the local paper.

@RevZafod: @redmanlaw: Oliphant’s still around?

Ah. Year younger than my mom.

For some reason, I still remember his take on Nixon’s milk-fund scandal. Particularly his love of drawing John Connolly with a bunch of kitties purring around his legs.

@Mistress Cynica: Another reason to like this guy.

@Dodgerblue: so says Buddy Guy.
Hard to tell.

@nojo: My favorite Oliphant was one he did on a proposal to re-institute the draft. I kept it under the glass on my desk for years. It must have been from the Carter administration.

@Mistress Cynica: Oh sweet Mary, Joseph, and 8 pound 7 ounce Baby Jesus, you should have given me more of a warning. I don’t know if I just ovulated, had an orgasm, or pissed myself, but regardless, my undergarments are damp after watching that clip.

And how fucking hot was Shelley Oh in the background? Can I have an amen, Dodgerblue?

Forget the “Which President would you want to have a beer with?” criterion — I’m going for the “Which President and First Lady would you want to have a three-way with?”

/y’all go carry on while Mama fans herself over here….

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