Mitt Romney’s October Surprise

Apparently one of the Romney Boys left his blog sitting out on the coffeetable, and by the time he shoved it under the couch, it was too late — folks clinically interested in what a Mormon looks like inside the Magic Underwear took a good, long look. Based on what we’ve seen of the response, it seems Democrats have much to fear this fall from the Romney, um, SuperPAC.

Fuck Yeah! Craig Romney [Tumblr]

Shirtless Craig Romney Makes Reporters Swoon and Giggle [Atlantic]


Yes, yes, yes, yes to the hair, beard, pecs, & inviting treasure trail.

Big N-O to the cultish, glassy KKKrazee Eyes.

Does Abercrombie and Fitch make magic underware?

@¡Andrew!: That does look like a trail worth following.

Somebody needs a spanking. For being a dirty boy. A naughty dirty boy. A bad naughty dirty boy. A bad naughty dirty…

Wait. What?

I see he likes water sports. Too bad he’s not here with me in Shamokin Dam. The Econologe might not seem so, econo.

@¡Andrew!: Those eyes say tweaking on some major meth. That cute hair and those beautiful teeth won’t last.

Meh. He looks like he smells of patchouli and stale sweat. Damn hippie.

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