¿Cómo se dice “diaper” en el español?

Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu hates the brown people almost as much as his bro Joe Arpaio does. He’s the darling of the Tea Party, he appeared in a 2010 ad for McCain and appears frequently on Faux News to denounce the socialist president for not building a bigger fence. And of course, he’s not a friend of the gheyz.  Oh, and he’s running for the GOP nomination for Arizona’s new Congressional seat.

So you know where this is going, boys and girls…

Babeu threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship, the former boyfriend and his lawyer tell New Times.

Babeu met his ex-lover Jose online at gay.com (naturally), and affectionately referred to Jose as “Papi.” Speaking of his online profile…

In the photographs, the sheriff revealed himself shirtless, in his underwear, and naked from the waist down. …Babeu’s alleged adam4adam.com profile — which since has been blocked — listed him as a “good guy looking for another.” He called himself “studboi1,” described himself as “str8 acting, hard working and loyal,” and said he was openly gay, looking for friendship and “1-on-1” sex.  While still in what he thought was a monogamous relationship with Babeu, Jose says, he had stumbled upon the sheriff’s page on adam4adam, which is peppered with pornographic images of men having intercourse. He says he confronted Babeu and that the sheriff told him it was an old profile.

So, Stinquers, how many diapers?

UPDATE:  Nojo passed me a note in the back of class letting me know that Sheriff Babeu is/was Mittens’ Arizona campaign co-chair.

[Towleroad/Phoenix New Times]/Tip: Homofascist

Will somebody please stage an intervention and teach male politicians how to take better self-portrait photos for when these scandals break? If I have to see another dick reflected in a bathroom mirror with the flash going off, I’ll scream.

Also, he delivered a CPAC speech last week, and WND has been, um, puffing him for awhile. Not sure how that affects the diapers, but he’s a human Venn Diagram of winguttery.

@nojo: Good thing he has a wide stance to span all those interlocking circles.


2nd this week. 1st concerned wing nut Houston anti-gay talk show host in gay bar for drag show in hit and run accident in parking lot.

Question we need to re-ask ourselves: are there ANY str8 men in the righter reaches of the GOP?

Plus, unless one is actually Maori one should lay off the tribal tats which tend to make one look like a douche. Plus, up the cardio and cut down on the cheeseburgers, bro. Your toaster and a copy of the Agenda are in the mail along with your membership card.

Update, Papi and Paul were together for 10 years give or take. From first reading this looks like a weekend affair. But no. There was love involved.

@Benedick: At least the sheriff seems to have the man-scaping down to an art.

I hadn’t heard about the Houston anti-ghey asshat.

@Benedick: I think we should sit back and wait for more zapatos to drop. Pablo worked at a boarding school for “troubled youth” in Massachusetts before relocating to Arizona to become a cop. Who knows what sort of shitstorm might come out of that factoid, with a little digging.

TPM: “As far as we can tell Paul Babeu has never taken any public positions contrary to his now very public homosexuality.”

But I suppose you could get picky and ask whether he’s ever shouted down a bigot.

I’ll give this seven diapers.

+1 for Teabaggery
+1 for CPAC
+3 for brown love hypocrite
+2 for trying to cover this up

No points given for gay or being a GOPer.

@SanFranLefty: I now must go and skip about the garden with dogs. One of them had big surgery and is in recovery but if I explain the circs I’m sure he can execute something of the Happy Biscuit Dance.

I had to drive to the city and back today and am in shock. This, and Ricky’s rant on Satan and Episcopalians, has done much to restore my faith in hypocrisy, thank FSM.

But srsly. Paul needs to get himself a good trainer if he expects to get a date in the Greater Gay World. Put that in assless chaps and you’re not going to get very far in West Hollywood beyond a quick shunt to the auntie section.

@nojo: I doubt it. He’s a one note. Immigration has been his thing from day one and that’s pretty much all he ever talks about.

The TPM article is right. The issue here is the immigration status of his ex. His homosexuality isn’t going to be an issue here. There’ve been whispers about him being gay for a while. Although the gay marriage amendment passed, most Arizonans just don’t give a shit about the sexuality of their politicians. The only time it remotely becomes an issue is when they try to deny the obvious *cough*Napolitano*cough*

@nojo: I think you meant”fluffing” … and “Papi”? He must be a power bottom.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I’m shocked. You mean… Janet???? A devotee of… Home Depot?

@nojo: Babeu’s attorney told the Arizona Republic yesterday that “Babeu is a single man. … He’s got a right to live his life.” Too bad the rest of the Republican party disagrees.

And Pablo just described himself in his presser as a candidate who “does stand for conservative values.” Gee, what issues are tied for conservative value #1:

-more gunz for all
-no gheyz living their lives in peace
-no girlz controlling their bodies

I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find some self-loathing anti-ghey rhetoric or questionnaire answers.

@SanFranLefty: Insert Jew for Gay and you get the drift.

White men shouldn’t shave their heads unless they are in chemotherapy.

@blogenfreude: I suppose Thanksgiving is a little awkward and stilted at the Babeu homestead (11 siblings? Srsly? WTF, are they related to Frothy Mix?), when your sis writes shit like this:

The reason being is Paul and our family all know he has lived with many different men, and we have all met them. Some very young as 18, which when he was running for mayor in North Adams and him being 32 and this boy was his former student at Desisto, we all thought it was inappropriate. I told Paul so, but he did not agree. (This is first hand information and should not be deleted.) He lived at willow St. in North Adams, Ma. if you want conformatiioin to this time.

Awk-ward! Pass the green bean casserole, Papi!

@Benedick: And re: the student lover. What did I say a couple hours ago about the zapatos dropping from the school for troubled boys?

@ManchuCandidate: Siete pañales. Also, you think Santorum is behind him?

@Benedick: Are you sitting down after all the dancing in the garden with the pugs?

Frothy Mix was “surging” per the NYT today, denouncing the existence of a public education system, and accusing your boyfriend Barry of being a secret Mooslem. Get out of that chair and go skip around the tulips again.

Uh, did ya’ll read the part where Babeu had a three-way with a gay state representative and his boyfriend in exchange for $1.7 million in border patrol funds? Strange bedfellows, indeed!

Openly gay Tucson state Representative Matt Heinz was one of two Democratic lawmakers who broke ranks with the party in March 2011 and voted to give Babeu $5 million to combat border violence. Other lawmakers opposed the measure, in part, because Babeu’s county is at least 70 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The measure finally was pared down to $1.7 million and passed by the Legislature.

About a week after Heinz’s nod to Babeu, the sheriff spent the night at Heinz’s home, text messages that Jose shared with New Times show.

“I’m at Mat Heinz and his boyfriend for dinner & ice cream . . . we are going out to bar and . . . to their house. [Am] staying over,” Babeu texted to Jose at 1:04 a.m. last April 2.

I’ve said it a gazillion times, but you simply cannot make this $#!& up!

@¡Andrew!: I must have skipped over that part. “Dinner & ice cream” indeed.

@SanFranLefty: Also, TURN OFF THE FLASH. This concept is not difficult.

@homofascist: I never knew that was code for threesome. Good to know.

Okay, try to bear with me until I explain myself, but there’s nothing I hate more than gay men, particularly white dudes, who adopt a paternalistic and condescending attitude to their ethnic boyfriends. That’s why with the guys I’ve been with I never used cutesy nicknames or picked up terms of endearment from another language. That this guy called his boyfriend”papi” speaks volumes to me.

I’ll bet you anything his boyfriend was at least 8 years younger than he was as well…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Totally get what you’re talking about. It’s bad enough when what you’re describing is done, which made it all the more gross that in his day job he was railing against the scourge of the brown people invading AZ.

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