We Interrupt Our Probing Political Commentary to Bring You This Important Message from Our Inner Thirteen-Year-Old

[via Know Your Meme]

Finally! Frothy comes into his own.

He seems to be just jacked to be there.

TJ – hey look: somebody finally found some of the “election fraud” that the GOP loves to scream about!

Indiana Secretary of State convicted

Funny thing, the fraud in question was the GOP…

I can’t believe that I we can’t post pictures, and Nojo is playing with animated gifs. No fair and seizure-inducing.

/yearly futile picture posting whine (yeah, I know why, Nojo, and I accept it. Usually).

@matador1015: +1 ‘cept Onan was in trouble cuz of coitus interruptus. I don’t think Frothy’s hits the ground.

So, was Onan having sex outdoors?

He better be careful with that thing. Every sperm is sacred, y’know.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Onan was in trouble because he didn’t fuck his dead brother’s wife.

Also, No.

@nojo: Can you make it stop? Not conducive to hangover eyeballs. I’d rather see a FCS skull-fucking animated gif.

Also, ::strawberry::

@nojo: Onan was in trouble because he didn’t fuck his dead brother’s wife.

Who tried to have his marriage annulled because he married his dead brother’s wife? Ugh. It’s in my brain somewhere. Maybe that gif knocked it out.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Derp. Henry VIII

For the love of all things stinquey, make that gif go away!

After a week away without having to endure internet outrage on account of sketchy service at a Best Western can I now say how dispiriting it is to find this same old shit going on?

The trouble with this campaign is how utterly trivial it is. It is to real politics what Glee is to musical theatre.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Press the escape key. On anything Netscape-descended (Firefox, etc.) and probably others, it will stop any cycling animated gifs.

@IanJ: My Hero!!!!!

@nojonono: uh ::raspberry::

This .gif really needs to be made the first search result for “Santorum” in Google Images. Come on internet heroes, we’re counting on you!

The Frothy Jerk is suddenly picking up a little steam on the Twitters. Shame on me for not making the connection to the anti-pron statement.

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