Meet Your New Climate

“Rains unprecedented in 117 years of record keeping set new yearly precipitation totals in seven states during 2011… Despite the remarkable number of new wettest year records set, precipitation averaged across the contiguous U.S. during 2011 was near-average… This occurred because of unprecedented dry conditions across much of the South, where Texas had its driest year on record.” [Weather Underground]


Thank god it all averages out — there’s no possible way we’re affecting the climate if it all averages out!

Which proves that Rick Perry does NOT have a direct line to The Man Upstairs.

we just had a thunderstorm with hail here in east tennessee. it was 57 degrees outside in between the morning and afternoon storms.

@IanJ: It’s been raining here all night and day. In a few years when the southwest is bone dry and the Ohio River Valley is a tropical rain forest it will be such a comfort to know the average hasn’t changed.

We’ve had next to no snow in the Sierra Nevada range this year. Tioga Pass road has never been open this late. I predict that, in late August, the price of Dos Equis will jump because we won’t have any water to drink in So. Cal.

@Dodgerblue: how much will you pay for an ice cold blend of radiated tennessee river water and coal ash filtered emory river water? i might have to go into the export business.

@jwmcsame: Sounds like that stuff could sluice the bird poop right offa my car.

@Dodgerblue: No snow in Tahoe. NorCal is dry as a bone. Not only does that mean fires in March/April, it means a shitty salmon season this fall.

It’s a sunny, crystal clear day in Orygun, which is just wrong for January.

@Mistress Cynica: You have the Mighty Willamette. Here is So Cal, almost all of our water comes from Somewhere Else.

“The beginning of the 2011-12 season has been good (in New Mexico). All of the state’s ski resorts . . . have some of the best conditions in the country. Snowfall ranges from 40 inches in southern New Mexico to 105 inches in the north. Taos Ski Valley, about a two-hour drive from Santa Fe, has received 103 inches of snow through the first week of January. ”

NYT: Skiers, Take Heart! There Is Snow if You Know Where to Look

I’ve been at least four times so far this year at Santa Fe and Taos and had sketchy conditions on only one of those days. I skied a little fresh powder on Sunday at Santa Fe in a day long snow fall. Son of RML and his friends hike up to a ridge and hit the trees for the fresh stuff and built a jump and a snow sofa out of the ski area boundary. Going at least one day this long weekend. It’s what Martin would have wanted.

Best part about skiing is that it gives me a reason for year-round conditioning. Lost three, almost four pounds over the holidays through outdoor adventure, going to the gym, working out almost daily and keeping the martinis down to two nights a week. I’ve been ready to bust since I got off the scale this morning.

@Dodgerblue: The Mighty Willamette is fed by Cascade snow pack. No snow, bad summer.

The snowpack in western states isn’t what it could be. It will be a bad year to be a salmon. It won’t be getting any better for them since the Cascade glaciers, a reliable source of water for the rivers, are melting away.

No water worries here in Tejas. T. Boone Pickens is generous enough to sell us his water.

Oh well it could have been worse. He could have sold Great Lakes Water he would steal pump from a pumping station near Chicago via a big ass pipeline to Tejas based on a proposal I heard about in 07/08.

@ManchuCandidate: Meh. Los Angeles has been doing that since the 1920’s. Did you think “Chinatown” was entirely fictional?

@Dodgerblue: First thing I did upon arriving in California was read “Cadillac Desert”.

@nojo: Great book. Mike Davis’ “CIty of Quartz” is also a good read.

I suspected as much, but the number of victims would have been much much larger than the communities affected by LA’s “borrowing” of water basically any community along the water flow of the Great Lakes east of Sault St Marie.

Soon I set sail for a land that used to be known as the rice bowl of the world. Replete with gems, oil and teak to make the colonials weep.

The teak has been pirated, the oil not worth exploiting and that rice? A major typhoon swept the delta clean a few years back.

There’s always opium. The Brits encouraged that so long as it kept the Chinese and Americans slumberous and within their own borders.

@nojo: One of my issues made Cadillac Desert. I was so proud. It almost made up for getting my face ground into the dust when I tried to actually affect the outcome of the matter.

@Dodgerblue: Every time I drive by the canals taking all the water from NorCal to LA, I am amazed by the lack of security around the water supply for the 20 million people living in the US’s second largest megalopolis, the Inland Empire, and Sandy Eggo.

@SanFranLefty: I once represented in a lawsuit the Cal Dept of Water Resources, which runs those canals. You don’t want to know that the DWR folks would find in them.

@Dodger: You mean besides the burned out cars and carcasses of abandoned children and dogs? There’s a reason I only want to drink bottled water when I’m in SoCal…

@texrednface: how much does t boone charge for that fracking water? you best keep it away from open flames.

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