Happy New Year!

As we enter the thirteenth year of the New Millennium, once again we ask the Eternal Question: Where are the jetpacks?


Woooo… I hope to hell this year is much better than last year… I hated 2011.

Way hey! James Joyce ouevre is now public domain. What’s a corpse but rotten meat?

@Nabisco: He should have done Finnegans Mouse and copyrighted it into eternity.

Happy New Year, from the Maui airport! May we all have a healthy and fulfilling year.

Nothing like a good old-fashioned tape-delayed Times Square ball drop.

Non-girlfriend NYEs are nothing new. Countdown held around a craps table by O’Hell Airport. Which works well for life in general.

I have a jet pack. I just need a test subject. I’m thinking Balloon Boy’s father.

@nojo: That shit started boring me when I was 15.

And this from LOLGOP:

“These people in Times Square. Who is their leader? What are their specific demands?”

@ManchuCandidate: Dude.

I want to come to Candialand and bug you. I think hitchhiking with truckers is a workable plan. Getting my passport renewed might be a problem, but maybe military ID will suffice.

We can eat popcorn!

Anyway, I don’t know how far east or west you are of me, but if you trust me to not pull a Gerald’s Game on you, we’re good to go.

Technically it’s the twelfth year of the millennium, but you knew that.

@ManchuCandidate: Well, Helloooo, There! (How did I miss this?) Working on passport and truck stop locations now. Who knows? I might earn some beer money along the way. I’m almost down to making it the old fashioned way, dude, and urrrrrn it. (Sort of kidding.)

@mellbell: The First Millennium was 999 years. It was a miracle.

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