Ragnarok & Roll

Title: “That Is All”

Author: John Hodgman

Rank: 2,036

Blurb: “You may ask: During his whirlwind tornado ride through the high ether of minor fame and outrageous fortune, did John Hodgman forget how to write books of fake trivia? The answer is: Yes. Briefly. But soon, he remembered!”

Review: “Worth your money and time, as if you’ll have either when the supercollapse begins and the Ancient and Unspeakable Ones return.”

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Footnote: “May 21, 2012: The moon explodes.”

That Is All [Amazon]

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I’m confused. Fake trivia sounds funny. The thought of fake trivia taken as real trivia sounds scary. But it’s trivial, right? Hope the believers end up on Jeopardy.

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