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Ice Cube Is in the House! [NYT, via Kottke]

ABC GOP Debate open thread tonight at 8:45 pm ET. Because I have four beers in the fridge.

@nojo: Oh good. There’s a small get-together for my birthday tonight and an unopened bottle of Patron anejo on the counter. BTW when are you moving to HipsterLake?

@Dodgerblue: Move delayed while we get a lot of other shit done. Logistics are a bitch.

“Other shit” includes a demo game I was just able to install on my iPhone. It’s not in the App Store, but getting to a beta version I can actually play with has consumed the past six weekends. (Which is actually blindingly fast — I’m learning a new development system.)

And then there’s the Kindle Fire arriving this week, so I can see how it works on Android…

So, geek stuff first. Then we can get back to dealing with Relocation Hell.

@nojo: And in other Geek News, I finally figured out how to display total comments-per-user in the WordPress admin menu. Which means I can now easily delete the thousands of spam users who have never commented.

I can’t get past rhyming ‘mini-malls’ with ‘billboards’.

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