Will the Circus Be Unbroken

“Gingrich said he got Trump to agree to create a system of, as he put it, ‘Apprenti,’ where 10 New York City school kids in the poorer schools can apply for an apprenticeship of some kind. The obvious branding aside, it’s not immediately clear that the New York City Department of Education will be interested.” [Politico, via ThinkProgress]


I’m assuming with Newt’s passion for removing all restrictions on child labor that we’re talking about 5 to 6 year olds. It’s never too early to get these kids in the call centers or on the assembly lines where they belong. If only we still had the workhouses Scrooge loved so much.

@Dave H: I just got back from China. That’s how they roll over there.

TJ/This is an example of how you market human rights.

Check them all out, they rock.

Creative marketing is dead in this country, I tell you! Dead.

I can’t WAIT to see how this works. All I can figure is that Teh Donald will teach the kids how to do a combover and fill out a Chapter 11 form, because being born a millionaire isn’t teachable and throwing away wives like Kleenex isn’t age-appropriate.

Did I miss any “skills”? I’d add “host a reality TV show”, but then I realized that skill isn’t a relevant factor there.

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