Now, that’s f%#d up…

So here’s your f%#ed up thought for the day, Stinquers:

With the exit of Herman Cain from the GOP primary race, a mad dash in on for his supporters. The thinking is that the candidate who manages to claim them will claim the GOP nomination. And with the economy still in the dumps, there’s a fair chance that said candidate could become the next president of the United States of America.

ERGO: there’s a distressingly good chance that America’s next president will, essentially, be hand picked by the folks who stuck with this guy to the bitter end.


True, but I have been reading a couple of reports that the best cure for Teabaggers is electing them as there is a lot of buyer’s remorse in Teabaggistan.

Despite the MSM trying to make a pathetic race sound interesting, the impotent rage that hoofed many Demrats out is turning on the Teabaggers slowly as the House gets more into symbolic shit than anything.


I’m not sure America is ready for 4 years of buyer’s remorse. And the thing that worries me most about Gingrich is that he isn’t a teabagger. He’s a ruthless, unprincipled demagogue who’s probably smart enough not to believe his own bullshit. In fact, were Gingrich elected he’d probably be the smartest (only smart?) Republican president since Nixon. And I’d expect him to be just as bad for the country as Nixon.

T/J – Congrats to Stanford Women’s Soccer team (and Lefty) for their national championship – beating Duke 1-0 in the final.

@Serolf Divad:
True, but I should clarify that the hissy fits and antics of the 2010 GOPer/Teabagger victories are killing their polling numbers. In the “independent” voter minds, GOPers=Teabagger.

Newt might beat Romeny-bot, but he will get mauled heavily outside of GOPerville.

Worst game of “Fuck, Marry or Kill” ever.

@Serolf Divad: I called Newt to go long into the primaries way back when. But we’d need Nojo to play back the tape.

@Nabisco: I’m standing by my firm declaration that Newt won’t run.

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