Dear Sir, Madam, or Automaton

Our guest columnist needs to pay more attention to bots that visit web pages to create automated emails.


I created a Paralegal Education site called [redacted]. It serves as a great resource for new students looking to find all the info they need on going to school to become a paralegal.

Would you be interested in accepting a guestpost from me on your page of “GOP Brain-Trust University’s Law School Dean Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse”? I will be happy to write an article about any topic that you would like. It will only be used on your website.

I would put my link at the bottom of the article so that regular readers of your site who enjoyed my article might follow the link back to my site and find it informative as well.

I would certainly appreciate any opportunity to write an article. Feel free to suggest an idea, or if you prefer I can just come up with one.

Thanks for your time!

Shelby Crockett


Oh yeah, a Flyingchainsaw post. You should let the Spambot do it and watch it explode the internet.

Dude doesn’t even know how to spell his own name, Crockashett.

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