And Carrot Pear Lime Jello is a White Thing

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Re: Pat Robertson – I’m pretty sure liches don’t eat mac and cheese, bacon or not. Also, too, if that dude was any less black he’d be clear. ;)

I presume this is the real mac and real cheez not that overly salted orange crap known as Kraft Dinner TM in Canada City.*

*ate too much of that crap as a student and the only good thing to come out of that is that the horrible memories of eating it has made me learn how to cook.

@ManchuCandidate: Wait, wait — there’s something besides Kraft mac & cheese?

Besides even cheaper knockoffs, of course.

A stick of butter, a packet of Mysterious Orange Stuff, and thou.

It’s the same day glo orange stuff, but different name. Don’t know why.

In Canada City, it’s always known as KD.

Black people don’t do carrot pear lime jello? I’m shocked!

So does this mean that in Pat’s world white people like watermelon?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I forgot the radioactive maraschino cherry and — NojoMom insists — mayo.

@nojo: Dump in a can of tuna and you have a /real/ meal for about $0.89.

@Nabisco: No, no, no — the tuna/peas/potato chips/cream of mushroom soup is the casserole, not the dessert.

@nojo: There is not one, but two, mac-and-cheese recipes courtesy of your fellow Stinquers and they’re so easy there’s no excuse for eating that sodium- and preservative-laden shit in a box that will give you cancer and harden your arteries.

/I nag because I care…

@SanFranLefty: The only God-sanctioned Mac & Cheese recipe consists of:

1. Open the box.

2. Pour Mac into boiling water.

3. Drain.

4. Add a horrendous amount of butter.

5. Stir in Dayglo Orange Powder.

Serves one. Stoned.

It doesn’t help that you have two of the whitest, most “bourgie” black women around extolling the virtues of M&C like it’s a surreal version of Amos ‘N’ Andy.

Besides, if macandcheez was that black of a meal, then there’d be far more black kids in the commercials, which would only run late night on BET and TVOne. Also basketball games.

@matador1015: “Bougie” pronounced BOO-ghee, man. Bougie.

Southern mac and cheese is different, though. It’s like, solid, not oozy. It’s the eggs and the megabaking. You end up dividing it with a spatula and have like a block of it on your plate.

@nojo: My kid would love to live with you. He prefers the Kraft spirals. I’ll send him over.

@nojo: Ugh. We ate that nasty shit on meatless Fridays. Canned tuna is not meant to be heated. Ever. Wait. Potato chips? Might as well make Frito Pie.

@JNOV will never finish this fucking sweater!: I’ve seen it spelled as “bourgie” in reference to the word “bourgeois.” it may be a Northern thing, since that’s where I first encountered the term. Either way, it’s pronounced the same. Also, there will be no mackincheese at our table today.

You Americanskis are a funny people with all your funny ways.

@Matador: Yup. Same origin of the word. I guess we drop the R cuz it’s silent. As long as we’re saying it right… ;-)

@JNOV will never finish this fucking sweater!: no doubt. baked mac and cheese southern style. gotta have cheddar cheese, eggs, milk and hold on for the special ingredient……………………cottage cheese. baked until almost burnt in a deep pan with paprika and black pepper on top. it’s even better reheated the next day and just like JNOV said, cut it up in blocks with a spatula. it has the consistency of lasagna except firmer and at the same time fluffy and airy because of the ventilation from the elbow macaroni. goes best with steak and dark red kidney beans flavored with paul prudhommes fajita seasoning and onions. i just hooked all y’all up.

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