Happy Birthday, Plugz!

The intern for our guest columnist deserves our sympathy.

I know I don’t usually send you emails, but Joe has a birthday coming up this Sunday, and I’m trying something new.

The first family and I are putting together a special card for him, and we’d like as many supporters of this campaign as possible to add their names and messages for Joe.

Because the year ahead is going to be a big one — not just for Joe and me, but for all of us. We’ve all got some work to do.

So help us make this birthday a memorable one for Joe. Add your names, and, if you like, your own notes and well-wishes for the year ahead:




[via email]

A stunning new development from the Values Voters’ debate happening right now in a cornfield in Iowa:

the 6 candidates vying for the biggest asshole Republican nomination have all revealed that they are not so fond of the gays. They don’t like them one little bit. In fact, they would like to take them outside and pound on them to make them shut up. Even Michele Bachmann who one would expect to be gay-friendly because of… well… that thing Marcus does, does not seem to have the gays’ best interests at heart.

I have to admit I did not see this coming.

@Benedick: Was Romney there to duck the question?

@Dodgerblue: Neither nor Huntsman. It was left to Newt to be the grown-up. Imagine!

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