Everybody’s Pitching Tents in Cyberspace

“Schools nationwide, including The University of Missouri and Washington University, are snapping up .xxx domain names to avoid links of their names to porn sites.” [CBS]


way too easy, but here goes. what’s penn states new address?

@jwmcsame: nambla.xxx

ADD: If those damn things didn’t cost 80 bucks a pop, I’d seriously consider buying and redirecting it.

no clue but they should be on it like Jerry Sandusky on a disadvantaged 10 year old boy

@nojo: stinque.xxx? You want it, big guy? You want it bad? Like when I next get to Sandy Eggo there could be… payback?

Your work-study options just got a whole lot more interesting…


where… the RNC or the Vatican?

Decisions, decisons.

@Benedick: Here’s another 10 dollah for stinque.xxx – you collecting for Nojo?

Before y’all get excited…

It’s actually $100-$200 smackers at GoDaddy, where I hoard my domains despite their gawdawful commercials. And then renewals are $100/year.

Plus the signup process is very confusing.

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