Not By An Angel

Title: “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story”

Author: Jerry Sandusky

Rank: 136,194

Blurb: “Jerry Sandusky retired as defensive coordinator of the Penn State University football team following the 1999 season. He spent 32 years at Penn State, all as an assistant to legendary head coach Joe Paterno, including the last 23 as defensive coordinator. Sandusky is the founder of The Second Mile, a charitable foundation that has touched the lives of more than 100,000 children.”

Review: “I cannot wait to see the upcoming motion picture adaptation by Roman Polanski.”

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Footnote: Or you can just download the Grand Jury Report for free.

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Covering up this sort of horror for a game … this is just sad.

A local sports writer who is also an ordained Episcopalian priest goes all Biblical on Paterno’s ass. Please share. This piece deserves wider circulation.

The writer is correct.

I’ve always thought moral cowardice is the worst kind of cowardice.


Yes, [Paterno] followed the rules — to a point. Then he washed his hands of the matter.

Pontius Pilate couldn’t have done better.


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