Weekend Wingnut Roundup

A long time ago, in a blogosphere far far away, I did a Weekend Wingnut Roundup. Every weekend I would scour the right wing blogs for the stupidest posts and do a shorter version. This resulted, eventually, in a need for stronger antidepressants. And now, for some reason, I’ve waded in again:

Ace of Spades – it is entirely possible that Gingrich will defeat Romney and win Iowa if no one remembers what a tool he is.

Althouse – oh my, do you think those awful liberals are to blame for poor Herman Cain having to play the race card to defend himself from charges he groped a couple of white women?

American Thinker – Herman Cain could have weathered one or two women coming forward, but four? Oh, and Bill Clinton’s penis.

Atlas Shrugs – Obama personally sent a bunch of hippies to Denver to scream at some poor defenseless conservative bloggers.

Confederate Yankee – while I object to the state of Mississippi being forced to recognize some New York homo marriage, I fully support a law forcing New York to let me conceal-carry my Glock.

Debbie Schlussel – why did that brave Arizona Republican who wanted to electrocute Mexicans lose his recall election? Mormons, bitchez.

Flopping Aces – Democracy? No way dude – what the Middle East needs is a big dose of the Bush-style conservative policies that worked so well in this country!

Hot Air – it’s exciting that Herman Cain would turn down one position in a Romney administration that he’s not qualified for but would accept another position he’s not qualified for!

Hugh Hewitt – despite all evidence to the contrary, I am convinced that the GOP will cave in and raise taxes. And unicorns. I believe in those too.

Michelle Malkin – the Obama White House is refusing to turn over some of the Solyndra documents and … what? The attorney firing scandal? No, can’t say as I remember that ….

NRO (Jonah Goldberg) – Jay-Z is selling t-shirts to the OWS protestors and that’s just like capitalists selling rope to the hippies who will be hung by their necks until dead and … where was I going with this?

NRO (Victor David Hanson) – the dirty hippies at the OWS protests will never go to the polls like the noble Tea Partiers. Nope, no way.

Pattterico’s Pontifications – the Atlas Shrugged DVD kerfuffle? Clearly a plot by some liberal to halt the runaway train of success that movie has become.

Red State – Cain is down (woman touching) and Perry is down (inability to remember his own talking points) so the new not-Romney is Newt! I has a stiffy.

Townhall (Derek Hunter) – body-lice-infested mutant protesters, OWS, bodies piling up, three parts Elizabeth Warren hatred, a dash of loathing Obama, and that’s another column phoned in!

Townhall (Ken Blackwell) – because Rick Perry is the modern  day equivalent of Jefferson we should ignore his inability to speak in complete sentences and embrace his charisma – he’s governor of Texas, so what could possibly go wrong?


@ManchuCandidate: Unfortunately, as long as the GOP exists they will whip up Teabaggers with anti-gay slurs and race baiting.

@blogenfreude: You’re going to need a shower after wading into that shit.

@SanFranLefty: And the shower would have been twice as long had I visited Powerline or Goldstein’s place.

Hilarious. And on Crooks and Liars blog roundup. We’re all so proud. Here’s hoping you got a good rest and that you feel up to doing it again: as the actress said to the bishop. I, for one, welcome the roundup.

Unfortunately, as long as the GOP exists they will whip up Teabaggers with anti-gay slurs and race baiting. Don’t forget the strategic importance of fag-bashing.

@Benedick: My backyard was full of fag butts after a friend/client came over.

@Benedick: C&L does good by us … and we’ll see if another Roundup is warranted and can be tolerated by me.

Blogenfreude, I had forgotten all about this weekly column from the old site. Thank you for resurecting it.

I remember following the links back to the original websites and not being able to determine if they were intended as humor or were serious diatribes. At first I thought that they were funnier than TVRWC.com. Then I realized that they were serious and became frightened.

@DElurker: I will do my beset – and yes, these people are serious. The only parody conservative blog I remember as being any good was that of the late, great Jon Swift.

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