Penn Sttae is Toatlly Fukced

ABC World News Tonight [via @KeithOlbermann]

Good. Those bastards tried to kill me in ’84. Glad they’re getting their due. Fucked up place, Happy Valley.

So, wait, these people are rioting in support of a man who covered up the activities of a pedophile rapist for 40 years?

I do not understand sport at all.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Penn State is pretty fucked up. The main campus at least. 35K assholes running amok. Good thing they’re in nowhere’sville and kinda contained. The big issue in ’84 was how to keep people from climbing the goal posts after a win and jumping on them until the posts fell. Someone suggested smearing axle grease on them. I dropped out before they solved the problem.

Joe Pa is a dick.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: For more about the marvelous conduct of Penn State students, read this story about the sister of the boy raped in the shower, who is a student at the college:

This makes the “Free Winona” campaign seem positively enlightened…

Others have the Arab Spring. We have this.

ADD: Worth noting:

1. Local sports reporter who reported on grand jury proceedings in April, now says that Sandusky may have been pimping kids out to donors.

2. Logo of charity shows a young boy half in shadow, looking sorrowful

The old man tried to walk me home
I thought he should have known

U2, “Twilight”

So Eddie Murphy was going to host the Oscars, which portended Major Fail, leading me to question my commitment to watching, but then new producer Brett Ratner said something stupid and quit, prompting Eddie Murphy to quit with him, and I thought maybe it’ll be watchable after all, but now the Academy has named the replacement host, and the winner is…

Billy Crystal.

The Death Montage will include the opening number.

11/11/11 – National Metal Day tomorrow!

Metallica playing “Harvester of Sorrow” before about a quarter million people at a military airbase in Moscow, 1991.

Haha! I was wondering why I have this wicked headache!

Greetings earthlings. NotTibet remains Not – monks self-immolating (although to be fair, the guy really only set one of his sleeves on fire, for attention).

@Mistress Cynica: Shorter version (I didn’t check the linque): this should make the Penn State-Notre Dame rivalry take on a whole new dimension. Instead of points scored, they’ll compare victims taken in the name of Empire.

Making the rounds on the twiiter:

What do you call an older woman who likes younger men?


What do you an older man who likes young boys?

Nittany Lion

@peggynooner: Ugh. Okay.

Real story:

The word Nittany is derived from the Algonquian language word Nit-A-Nee meaning “single mountain”. In Penn State folklore, Nit-A-Nee is also the name of an Indian maiden whose actions caused Mount Nittany to be formed. The original inhabitants of the area used Nit-A-Nee to describe the mountain, and it likely became corrupted to Nittany by the first Europeans to settle the area in the 18th century. By the time of Penn State’s founding in 1855, the word Nittany was already in use. Some sources cite the word Nit-A-Nee as meaning “barrier against the wind”, which is not as likely.

PSU’s dumbass twist:

Nit-A-Nee, which means “barrier against the wind,” was an Indian maiden whose lover, Lion’s Paw, was killed…

Nit-A-Nee enfolded him into her arms and carried his still erect body back to a place in the center of the Valley where she laid the strong Brave in his grave and built a mound of honor over his strength.

On the last night of the full moon, after she had finally raised the last of the soil and stone over his high mound, a terrible storm came up unleashing itself with thunder and lightning and the wailing of a horrendous wind from the depths of the earth. Every Indian in the Valley shuddered and all eyes were directed to the Indian Brave’s high mound upon which the strong maiden Princess Nit-A-Nee was mounted with arms outstretched to touch the sources of the lightning bolts in the sky

Through the night they watched with awe as the Indian Brave’s burial mound grew and rose into a Mountain penetrating the center of the big valley between the two legs of the Tussey and Bald Eagle Ridges. When the dawn finally came, a huge Mountain was found standing erect in the center of the Valley.

A legend had been born. The mound and the maiden had given place to a Mountain, and standing on its summit was a Lion surrounded by eleven orphaned male cubs, each of whom had the courage of the fearless Indian Brave and the heart and strength of the mysterious Indian Princess. From this day forward every place in the valley was safe, and the wind wrested nothing from the fields on which these Lions strode as fearless heroes from the Mountain. The people of the Valley from that date forward knew only happiness and bounteous plenty.

In the fullness of time, men and women came from across the farthest seas to build a college at the foot of this Mountain. The strength and courage of the students of this college became known far and wide.

As each student learned the destructive power of the North Wind across the fields, each also learned the strength of the Princess known as “Breaker of the Wind,” called in her language Nit-A-Nee, and the courage unto death of the Indian Brave called Lion’s Paw.

As long as this strength and courage is known in the Valley, Mount Nittany will stand as a breaker of the wind.

This is the legend of Mount Nittany. May it stand forever high and strong in our midst, our breaker against the harsh winds of destiny and fate which sweep down from the north.

May Mount Nittany ever rise above us as the Guardian before the gates of Old Penn State. May the mysterious Indian Princess ever stand in our midst as breaker and shield against the destructive power of the winds of fate. And may the Nittany Lion’s cubs forever join in the games which are the guarantee of the life of the land we love.

Pretty sure all the nittany lions have been hunted to extinction. The nice ones.

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