The Chronicles of Cascadia

“What began as a man’s attempt to discipline his child turned into a sordid case of abuse when police say the Washington man forced his 16-year-old daughter to don Renaissance armor and engage in a wooden sword battle for two hours.” [CBS, via RML]


@ManchuCandidate: Until after the election, then opponents get the big “oh, we’re so sorry,but FUCK YOU, SUCKAS!!!”

Okay. Is the sign in screen bigger than a motherfucker or is it me?

@redmanlaw: Haha! I was at the FUCKING VA MEETING! And then the package store. And then the FUCK YOU OPEN CONTAINER LAW, YEAH, I KNOW I’M ON POPO CAMERA at the bang bang shoot ’em up bus stop. Now I’m home, and I gotsta pee.

Word to the wise: Don’t break the seal all over the floor. Nature’s Miracle: It’s not just for pissed kitties.

Haha! That’s really him?! (what’s the fucking interrobang code, dammit!)

TJ/ Found this comment on a youtube movie somebody sent me entitled “Herman Cain Lies”, obviously posted by a member of the Ron Paul nation:

I agree Cain is Lier. But name 1 canadate thats running other tha Paul who isn’t a pawn and lier. Obama was elected because of his internet friends. But the News Media is saying That Pauls popularity is somesort of internet conspirecy. I have seen some U tude Videos of claimed Ron Paul supports disrupting Dem rallies . Pure Lies . 8 people LOL . These are Dems ACTING like Pauls supporters to discredit Paul and his movement. We need real suppoprters exposing these Lieing Dems.

…which I feel justifies the term “Paultard”. Discuss.

Miss you guys. Still in work hell.

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