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There hasn’t been much news since Sunday night, when Politico committed journalism — Related: Hell freezes over! — and broke the story of Herman Cain!’s exuberant hospitality at the Other NRA. Sure, his memory seemed to slowly clear up throughout the day Monday — memory that hadn’t been jogged when reporters contacted him days earlier — but we’ve been awaiting the drip-drip-drip of Further Revelations.

Like, oh, this:

The National Restaurant Association gave $35,000 — a year’s salary — in severance pay to a female staff member in the late 1990s after an encounter with Herman Cain, its chief executive at the time, made her uncomfortable working there, three people with direct knowledge of the payment said on Tuesday.

The women involved remain Politico’s protected sources, even if one of them is now asking to be released from the confidentiality agreement following the payout. But the detail of not just the amount of the payout, but the term it represented, suggests that more was involved than just a creative demonstration of Mrs. Cain!’s height. This ain’t no standard severance. Nor does it seem to be the standard go-away money that might be offered in lieu of paying for a trial.

Then again, we’re still waiting to see whether any of this matters. Lefty glee is one thing, but Cain!’s been going to the bank on pleas of racial victimhood — $400,000 raised since the story broke. If the Wingnuts don’t care, all this amounts to is ammunition against a silly candidate who doesn’t stand a chance anyway.

As to the Missus, we were initially delighted to learn that she would be granting an interview this week — which itself keeps the story alive for at least another day. But then we learned it would be with Greta Van Susteren, and we figured there are better options Friday night for hot girl-on-girl action.


Greta van Susteren, ugh! in every way. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, “what’s the ugliest part of her body? I think it’s her mind.” Plus, she can’t part her hair, what’s with that?

I do a lot of employment law for employers and it seems that $35k would be cheap to get out of a possible sexual harassment claim when someone just wanted to get out of a situation, assuming the validity of the claim. You get about $20k from the insurer, who does a cost-benefit analysis vis a vis defense costs, write up a settlement agreement in which there is no admission of wrongdoing, has terms relating to non-disparagement, confidentiality and references (or the deadly “confirmation of dates of employment only” clause).

You’ve all seen the standard going public approach for a sexual harassment lawsuit route – tearful employees, salacious stories ripped from the text of the complaint, denials from the accused, and most often, nothing. People step up, someone gets a check, someone else may suffer some disciplinary action or go to counseling or training and that’s all the public hears after the initial splash, as in the Britney Spears sexual harassment case.

Also, just ‘cuz someone got paid does not mean that anything happened.

@redmanlaw: But it means that somebody claimed that something happened, because you don’t get a year’s severance payif you just decide to up and quit one day.

@Dodgerblue and redmanlaw: Attorneys’ hourly rates were probably lower in the late ’90s, when doing the cost-benefit analysis, which would lend credence to the “meh, there’s something here but nowhere near fighting” response of the insurance co. Friend of mine who does employment defense has an apocryphal story of going to a negotiation with a former employee who was laid off for habitual absenteeism, stealing money, and incompetence (sounds like a drug addiction) and who sued the co for sexual harassment and discrimination, when there was no basis for such a claim, and giving her a “first, last, and final offer” of $500. She got worked up, my friend starting packing his bag, and her attorney said they’d take the offer.

Problem is, assholes screaming discrimination or harassment like that when they were just incompetent employees who had to be laid off, fucks it up when there are real claims.

@SanFranLefty: What you said. Same for bogus civil rights claims.

@SanFranLefty: We’ve paid up to $20k* to get rid of slugs with help from Insco. I’m trying to come up with a case in the past eight years or so that involved a legitimate claim from an employee against one of my clients. Maybe there was one, but the employee screwed it up so bad she was left with the two month’s salary she requested in her one sentence demand. The rest of her three page letter was nothing but personal attacks on the employer. The tribal labor commission said the employer granted what she asked for in her letter as regards severance pay and could not later come back to request further relief where there was an agreement in place.

*After payment of the and expenses fee to border town lawyer who has literally gotten fat off of claims against employers on the Navajo Nation, Mr. Slug was left with about $12,500 to relocate to another state.

Pizza Man’s so krayzee he thinks voicemail means yelling into an envelope.

Bring it, Hermy.

More than anything, what this whole situation points to is a severe clue deficit over at the Hermanator’s camp. Did they somehow think that the other candidates WOULDN’T find this doing oppo research? There should have been a prepared, “can’t comment on this due to settlements” or *something* rather than just flat-out denials followed by backsliding. Did they totally miss the whole Weiner-weiner fiasco?

Wingnuts in Albuquerque are calling in to Hate Radio and saying “I gave Cain $10 before the news broke, then this came out and I sent him $100.” The host openly blamed the Perry camp for the leak, although the Flying Spittle Crew were calling it an Obama/liberal media attack.

Another line the host discouraged: “Beat Obama with a Cain.”

Oh, and in related “OMG what a sack of fascist assholes” news, not-so-Brightbart’s crew is fapping over the idea of OWS getting the Kent State treatment. I’m sure they’ve got people on the ground trying their best to incite violence…

Meanwhile, you can go ahead an electrify that fence, if you want to. Some things will always get through .

@al2o3cr: I don’t know if this has already been covered, but speaking of the right wing fapping over an idiot idea — the feds arrested four old white winger coots who wanted to kill guvmint workers and members of the evil liberal lamestream media in Atlanta with ricin. I’m sure the Free Republic has started FREE THE GEORGIA FOUR campaign and that this is all an Obamunist plot against true Americans.

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