He Should Have Stuck With Ubekibekibekibekistanstan

“So yes, they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability.” —Herman Cain!, laying out his foreign-policy credentials. China first tested nukes in 1964, and has 250 stockpiled. [ThinkProgress]


It’s because we Asians arr rook arike, no?

Cain! is living proof! that an MBA!s can’t hide the dumb!

@ManchuCandidate: Chinese, Japanese, American Knees.

Taught to me by a junior-high friend who fell in Categories 2 and 3.

@nojo: Chinese, Japanese, American Kneeslook at these

Fixed for the East Coast jr. hs’ers.

Breaking: Cain denounces China for attempting to acquire wheel, internal combustion engine and electronic transistor, makes slanty eyes while discussing “Yellow Peril.”

BTW, although Cain refers to China’s one aircraft carrier that is getting ready to enter service, it is most renowned for the fearsome capability of its ballistic missiles that can hit US Pacific Fleet carrier from 900 miles out. Also, their new stealth fighter may be designed to carry anti-ship missles.



@ManchuCandidate: I have learned a lot about China and the Chinese just from talking to the high school aged kid who works about 80 hours a week at his family’s Chinese restaurant near my house. We started talking back in 08 when he asked me who I was voting for. I said Obama. The kid’s reply was that his English teacher at the local public school told him not to support Obama because in her words “he (Obama) was just too good a talker.” I told him to pay no attention to an alleged English teacher who structured sentences that way. The kid said he agreed and that was what his dad said too. His dad barely speaks English but knows poor English when he hears it.

@redmanlaw: Paper was China’s most subversive invention.

@nojo: Thus ensuring a balance of power with all the rock and scissors hoarders.

@Nabisco: Of course, they also invented gunpowder, so they covered both angles.

@redmanlaw: I made a home loan for a Chinese guy with a Ph.D in some sort of physics. He was working on a high security clearance project involving phosphorous here in Oak Ridge, TN. He was obviously working on blowing shit up with phosphorous and told me they were doing it better than the Japanese. He was very proud of that but said he couldn’t really talk about it for security reasons. The guy could amortize loan terms on paper about as fast as my calculator. No shit. Last week he made the news by getting busted for selling bear gall bladders, walrus tusks, and polar bear hides to Federal Wildlife Agents all the way up in Alaska.

One aircraft carrier isn’t going to do much especially when the rule of thumb is you need 3 CVs for each one you want on active duty. One undergoing maintenance, one for training and one on active duty.

Plus the fact that they’re new to high tech warfare and haven’t fought anything since 1979 isn’t helping them become a threat. More a threat to the world due to the amount of pollution (CO2 and NOx) they produce.

“More a threat to the world due to the amount of pollution (CO2 and NOx) they produce. ” @ManchuCandidate: Here’s real story behind all that. “I, for one, etc. . . ”


Oh, and check out the robot walking on a treadmill. It does better push ups than I do.’


@redmanlaw: charlie sheen in a radio-astronomy lab? that’s gotta be the only thing better than internet porn for coke junkies.

Meanwhile the Guardian is reporting that the US and UK are considering attacking Iran.

British officials consider contingency options to back up a possible US action as fears mount over Tehran’s capability

First I’ve heard of this. I guess the US press has been to busy with Herman Cain’s idiocy and the Khardashian (sp?) wedding fiasco.

I’m going to China later this month. I’ll check into this.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Winging it: China did paper and printing. Gutenberg did movable type.


AHEM! From the Wiki:

The world’s first known movable-type system for printing was created in China around 1040 AD by Bi Sheng (990–1051) during the Song Dynasty;[1] then the first metal movable-type system for printing was made in Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty (around 1230). This led to the printing of the Jikji in 1377—today the oldest extant movable metal print book. The diffusion of both movable-type systems was, however, limited:[2] They were expensive, and required an enormous amount of labour involved in manipulating the thousands of ceramic tablets, or in the case of Korea, metal tablets.

Everything good is Asian.

You know an American product the Chinese cannot get enough of? Cannot have enough of it around? Want more all the time? Will pay anything to get?

Fucking musical theatre, bitchez.

@Benedick: I thought you were talking about a portion of my anatomy. I was hoping, anyway.

@Mistress Cynica: I read too much weird shit.



ADD: “The US is at war in Africa. It has been at war as an integral part of the Cold War. It has had practical experience in African wars. America has been fighting wars in Africa since the 1950s – in Angola, the DRC, Somalia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Morocco, Libya, Djibouti to name but a few counties.”

“Clinton intervened in Liberia, Gabon, Congo and Sierra Leone to prop up a long standing troubled regimes. He bombed the Sudan and dispatched military personnel to Kenya and Ethiopia to back proxy clients assaulting Somalia. Under Bush Jr. fifteen US military interventions took place, mainly in Central and East Africa.

“Most of the US’ African outreach is disproportionally built on military links to client military chiefs. The Pentagon has military ties with fifty-three African countries (including Libya prior to the current attack). Washington’s efforts to militarize Africa and turn its armies into proxy mercenaries in protecting property and fighting terrorists were accelerated after 9/11.”

“In October 2011, Obama authorized the deployment of approximately 100 combat-equipped U.S. troops to central Africa.”

“Underpinning the Western interest in the region is the discovery of oil in Uganda and Mozambique, which have similar geological structures to Kenya, provoking interest by major foreign oil for exploration.”


Well, there’s another harassee who isn’t bound by a confidentiality agreement. Per AP:

The Associated Press reports that a third former employee of the National Restaurant Association says she considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain when she worked for the presidential candidate in the 1990s.

She told the AP that Cain made sexually suggestive remarks or gestures about the same time that two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against him. She says the behavior included a private invitation to his corporate apartment.

@Dodgerblue: Oooh, we now have a male eyewitness. Who just happens to work for the Perry campaign:

Meanwhile, in another stunning turn, a male Republican pollster went on the record with a news organization to say he actually witnessed Cain’s alleged harassment of one of the former trade association employees and indicated that the Republican presidential candidate’s behavior wasn’t exactly a secret at the time.
Chris Wilson, a Republican political consultant who did work for the trade group when Cain was there and does work for super PAC supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential bid now, told KTOK, an Oklahoma news radio station, that he saw Cain harass a trade group employee more than once.

Let the games begin!

@Mistress Cynica: Next we’ll have a Cain staffer say that he saw Perry toking on laughing gas before that wacky New Hampshire performance.

It’s all Perry’s fault. He owes the American people an apology!

Prepare for Newt surge!!

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