Pretty Bubbles in the Air

Did you know Jon Huntsman has (at least) three daughters? Does knowing it give you inappropriate thoughts? Do the mustaches help?

[via Political Wire]

Breaking: “Trick or Treat, bitchez.” It’s Episode 11 of My Drunk Kitchen, in which our heroine drinks and tries out various holiday candies.

“Michelle Obama would shoot that candy with a gun.”

@blogenfreude: It’s a riff on the Hermanator’s Smokin’ ad from earlier this week. The question is that as Nice Mormon Girls, how would they handle the punchline?

@redmanlaw: That’s some funny shite – Butterfinger was always a favorite of mine, and I never once wondered “what that flavor is” – until now.

Another favorite? Jr. Mints, at least at the movie theater. Although Ju-ju Bs are what we bought when I was little, because we could sit in the balcony, half-chew them then toss them down into the hair of unsuspecting teenagers who would have kicked our a$$es if they had caught us.

@Nabisco: Google up and watch the MDK “Tacos” episode. “They’re like nachos . . . that you hold in her hand.”

@redmanlaw: “Jargueritas”= +1

I’ve done my share of too much tequila, and can honestly say that I wouldn’t want anybody to let me near sharp knives when dranking the Patron, let alone filming me for video posterity.

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