Now Any First-Born Daughter of Wills and Kate Can Grow Up to be Queen

“It reminds us of the potential in our societies that is yet to be fully unlocked and it encourages us to find ways to allow all girls and women to play their full part.” —Queen Elizabeth, on the Commonwealth overturning a centuries-old law requiring male primogeniture in Royal successions. [Daily Mail, via ThinkProgress]


The monarchy might be abolished when the time comes around for that, considering QEII will croak at the age of 8,942.

I can understand the monarchy is a tradition brought down on Canada City due to its British conquerors, but I don’t really care about it otherwise.

I think she’s a robot and will live forever.

Her Royal Highness strikes me as not particularly bright, yet not particularly dim. She does an acceptable job of reading the speeches that are written for her. It’s been pointed out more than once that she is, if you take away the trappings, a countrywoman more concerned with her horses than even her family. A frump in a raincoat and kerchief.

@redmanlaw: ever seen this?
sex pistols refuse to attend their own induction ceremony into the rock and roll hall of fame.
mojo nixon, rock and roll hall of lame:
and may i recommend from the same disc:
drunk divorced floozie (the ballad of diana spencer):
just to stay on topic

@jwmcsame: Yup.

Another song for Her Royal High as a Fucking Kiteness. I understand that she enjoys her gin and drinks it like spring water.

@redmanlaw: Her mother famously employed elderly gay men as servants: often heard on the intercom saying the following: “When you old queens have finished, this old Queen would like a gin and tonic.”

@redmanlaw: so you are familiar with mojo? he was good friends with the beat farmers, especially country dick montana from san diego. google them up and get ready for some damn good music. baby’s all liquored up is on a country dick solo disc. here’s another similar song: the girl i almost married
joey harris was a beat farmer on albums 3 and 4

@jwmcsame: Elvis is Everywhere. Elvis is everybody. Elvis is you and me, except for Michael J. Fox. Michael J. Fox is the evil Anti-Elvis.

Also, I was at the El Rey Theater in Albuquerque at a Dread Zeppelin show (reggae versions of Led Zep songs with an Elvis impersonator for a frontman) back in my reporter days when the dancing crowd broke the wooden floor. They just moved around it and kept on rockin’.

@redmanlaw: @jwmcsame: Mojo opened up for Joe Ely at one of Joe’s annual New Year’s blasts in Austin, 89ish or so. We were so amped up by the Mojinator that it was all I could do to glance at my watch and take note that Joe hit the stage precisely at midnight – and I was so close to the stage that I could have shined the silver tips on his boots.

@redmanlaw: I think Glen Matlock played on “Stepping Stone” – the Pistols were, at their core, a phenomenal rock and roll band.

@Nabisco: I like the double time proto-punk breakdown in the original of Stepping Stone. Mike Nesmith lives up in the hills around here but keeps to himself. The guitar player from the Angry Samoans teaches math at a local high school.

@redmanlaw: I have the 45, great stuff – and I know that Nojo is a fan since at least the “Head” days.

@Nabisco: A fan since the first-run NBC episodes, to be precise. Monday nights, before Laugh-In.

Also: Didn’t Nesmith put up Mommy’s Wite-Out money to produce Repo Man?

@rptrcub: Don’t talk about Benedick like that.

Just got home from work. They are trying to kill me with a Talking Dog Picture. A. Film. With Talking. And singing. Dogs.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Someone get that man a drink.

@Nabisco: The Original: Monkees, “Stepping Stone”

Holy crap – ! Minor Threat did “Stepping Stone” also.*

And what the hell – here’s Gang Green, “Alcohol.”

Lost 5 lbs this month without cutting too far back on the martinis while training for and going on a hunt. Always be training.

*fun fact: RATM covered In My Eyes on the Renegades album.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Please get rid of the spaghetti scene. Thanks!

The aristocats are much better. <– I mean that.

Hi from Portland OR, visiting my kids. There is a duck in the backyard of our B&B. No, really.

Hey Lefty amd JNOV, please make sure your boys beat USC today.

@FlyingChainSaw: Now we just need to cast the other four dogs around the poker table.

@FlyingChainSaw: I think the script would probably benefit from your rewrite.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I’m so tired of old queens.

Pop quiz: who used to dress HRH before he was called away to they great runway in the sky? He also designed one of the masterpieces of 60s cinema. Name and movie. No google. Prize is a date with Catt for the singing dog movie premiere at Brentwood Mall (no, it is not necessary to be sober).

@Dodgerblue: We almost did a last minute trip up to PDX this weekend along with a few of my favorite gheyz, though then we would have had to go down to the Nojo Homeland to watch Los Patos.

I’m already wearing my “Fear the Tree” shirt in anticipation of tonight’s game against U$C.

@Dodgerblue: what kind of duck? sex? of the duck that is.

Duck sex? Or. Duck sex. Or. Duck, sex!

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