Great Moments in Muffins

“Still, the true cost of the muffins remains unclear. Originally, the IG [Inspector General] had concluded that the [Justice] department had spent $4,200 for 250 muffins. In the revised report, the IG states the $16 figure was for more than just a muffin. Instead of a mere muffin, the $16 bought ‘a modified continental breakfast, which consisted of items such as pastries, fruit, coffee, tea and juice.’ The revised report does not break down the individual muffin price.” [Politico, via @daveweigel]


Left Wing: has anybody noticed that GWB sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of soldiers in a war that didn’t have to be fought?
Right Wing: Look over here! A fake muffin scandal that we will flog despite its having been completely debunked!

@redmanlaw: And Shrub’s team fails for the second straight year.

@Walking Still:
See this is why I’m torn. I hate TLR. Overrated grump/teabagger/asshole.
Then again, I hate W.

Meh. The only comfort I have is that a lot of ex Jays were in this series.

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