We Accept Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Gold and Silver, and Used Guns

If for some reason you don’t qualify for the handgun class at Keller’s Riverside Store in Mason, Texas, might we suggest instead a genuine Wood-Carved Bottle Stopper as a token of your visit?

[via @LuxMentis]

Since he didn’t make specific mention, I guess gangbangers are welcome at his store to stock up on weaponry.

Um…yeah. It’s not like there are other weapons that people can use… like a car bomb or ballot box or increasing taxes on the stupid.

Gun bloggers are all “thanks, asshole.” It’s pretty much a given that dude is getting his teaching license ripped for being all discriminatory an’ shit.

I looked into getting my NRA instructor certification yesterday so I can teach the godless hordes, lesbians, etc., which end of a heater to point at the bad guy. No instructor classes currently scheduled for Albuquerque. I also need to take some basic level classes before applying for instructor classes.

Glad the Rangers were Shot Down in Flames last night. STL’s game plan: Walk All Over You. Guess the Cards’ bats were A Touch Too Much.

Ruger LCP Zombie gun (dressed up version of the same model Perry allegedly used to purportedly shoot a supposed scary coyote.)


Need an improvised weapon? Put your thumb over the end of a highlighter and strike downward. Let’s see TSA snatch that at the gate. Also, Zebra makes a nice line of stainless steel barreled pens for starting about $2.50 each.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, I love that this asshat thinks that lack of access to beginner-level concealed handgun classes is what’s been keeping the terrists at bay.

Heavy snow falling on the last roses of summer. Weather as metaphor.


Saturday: Sunny, 72.
Sunday: Sunny, 73.
Monday: Sunny, 70.
Tuesday: Sunny, 64.
Wednesday: Sunny, 72.
Thursday: Sunny, 64.

Sandy Eggo is a place where weather never happens.

@nojo: Catskills 2011: 100 year floods; hurricane devastates region; 100 year snow. Is this the harbinger of things to come? (yes, I did use ‘harbinger’)

@Benedick: Well, it is getting dark earlier. So there’s that.

Slush/snow in Manhattan, and now thunder. Glad the heat came on yesterday morning …

@nojo: I have withdrawn from the Cloud. I have not received a personal email in 8 days and none of my contacts work. I can’t share files between my computers and I don’t have an iPhone.

I have been left behind by technology. I stand on the beach waving goodbye as the ship sails. I just hope there are no talking singing fucking dogs on this island.

Let the record show that on the evening of October the 29th, The Year of Our Lord 2011, Nojo was finally – finally! – able to remotely control the Parental Unit MacBook from a thousand miles away, forever eliminating the need to patiently explain to NojoMom what “double-click on an icon” means.

Nojo would like to thank the screen-sharing feature in iChat, the new Parental Unit Airport Express wifi, NojoBro for being at the Ancesteal Home to set up the new Parental Unit Airport Express wifi, and the Parental Units for finally – finally! – getting a cable modem, instead of the campus dial-up service that made everything damn near fucking impossible to deal with.

Also, Nojo can now conclusively confirm via videochat that the Parental Units have not lost their incomprehensible taste for Penguin Kitsch.

FUuuuckkk!!! 2nd OT in Tree v Spoiled Children. My heart!

@nojo: I’m still working on syncing my iCloud, but meanwhile, I served as the lifeline for Dodger during the nailbiting Tree v. U$C match. Oy fucking vey.

Tree won, in 3rd OT, for those of you not watching. I have no vocal cords or finger nails right now.

@SanFranLefty: Bless you. I was with family members in Portland at a bar and thence a restaurant where there were no TVs.

@nojo: I hope when we all make the move to desktop tablets you’re going to available for consultation.

Perry shot a defensless coyote with an LCP? what the hell was Perry doing with a Ladies Carry Pistol???
Oh wait…….

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