Everything You Need to Know About New Presidential Candidate Dr. Terry Jones

Dr. Terry Jones for President [Stand Up America]

Same category as Bachmann, Cain, Ron Paul, and even Gingrich – why bother? Even the shitshow that is the MSM will eventually expose them as sociopaths. Anyone agree?

About time. I’m sick of the crew we’ve got. How long before Mike Lee gets in the race?

If you want a good laugh. Read this piece of drivel by well paid Canada City drivelist Andrew Coyne about how the rich isn’t the problem.



Aren’t we obliged to ask, at a minimum, how they got the money? If executives of public corporations are taking advantage of lax oversight by boards of directors to feather their own nests, that’s one thing. Similarly, it would be fair to object if they were bailed out, or subsidized, or otherwise enjoyed the undue favour of the state.

Funny, that’s EXACTLY what happened. Nice hack-job dismissing the truth in passing, Mr. Coyne.

Andy is “best” when dismissing things out of hand. A member of the old skule tie, pip pip.

@al2o3cr: To be fair, I believe that at that point in the article, he’s describing the Canadian corps and banks, which he claims weren’t bailed out. I don’t know if the underlying fact about lack of bail-out is true, but within the context of his article, that statement didn’t really bother me. He got into the meat of his thesis (“Why demonize the rich just because they’re rich?”) and I stopped reading, though.

@Benedick: I say we draft Kitty Harris! Kitty For President! Who’s with me?!?!?!!!?!

They weren’t but it wasn’t due to lack of trying. The same banks spent the good part of a decade shrieking… lobbying the Feds to deregulate the same as per US America but were denied by the Liberals. Their opportunity to lobby the Tories went up in flames when Wall St imploded.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Proud leader of the Knockers Party [cue Mel Brooks joke].

tj/Santa Fe – crime capital of the southwest:

Laura Chavez, a 60 year-old New Mexican, was drinking and playing a nice game of Monopoly with her grandson and her boyfriend, Clyde “Butch” Smith. When Chavez suspected Smith of cheating, she sent her grandson to bed and proceeded to hit Smith over the head with a bottle and then stabbed him repeatedly with a kitchen knife.


@ManchuCandidate: Why do I suspect that Andy wouldn’t phrase it that way? </irony>

@redmanlaw: Well, if Butch snuck a hotel onto Boardwalk or Park Place, totally justified.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I am soooooo onboard. Only cuz we can’t draft Judy on account of the whole being dead thing.

But here’s an idea might make your tits go sproing: Kitty for prez with Margie – God Hates Fags – Helms for bottom. This could be big – as the actress said to the bishop.

Makes as much sense as Cain and Bachmann.

Though I gotta say, some late Tuesday in Rangoon, the monsoon pelting the hotel windows, you go down to the bar to get an Icelandia Vodki and who is there next to you on a barstool but John Huntsman. So you get talking, one straight man to another (except one isn’t straight and the other is gay, which is like mega gay) about wrestling and favorite holds. There might be a certain of discussion of hair product and how that relates to China’s bifurcation between manufacturing of godawful cheap shit to fill the aisles of Walmart and cock sucking. But. He could be open to some grappling, man to man. He’s no – Johnny Earle. But I bet he’s got a sweet 6 pack buried under his ‘policy’ whatsits.

As everyone knows: scratch a mormon and he will kill himself.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I always thought that she would be on Chainsaw’s dream ticket with Sarah P.

Just imagine the fundraisers.

They could run against Michelle O and Dennis K’s redhead in 2016.

@Walking Still: That sound you hear is Chainsaw’s jaw hitting the floor. That’s one he’ll of a pillow fight you just described…

@Benedick: I like that reality is multiple choice for you. I wish I could manage that…

@al2o3cr: Hey, your Twitter account has been hacked. Unless you’re trying to sell me fake watches . . .

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