Buscemi Bites It

We considered whether to say Profound Things about the new Congressional Budget Office report on income inequality in America, but let’s face it: This isn’t news. This hasn’t been news for a generation. And even before it was news, it was easily predicted as of November 4, 1980.

Hell, Poppy Bush called it on April 10 that year. Which is also the last time truth ever passed a Bush’s lips.

So please, spare us the Shock! over something that’s been evident for decades. We voted for it. Repeatedly. We still do. And there’s a decent chance we’ll vote for it again a year from now.

Which is why we’d rather watch Steve Buscemi get snuffed.

[via Nerdist]

A quick google check and mostly silence from the MSM in US America.

The 99% in US America should consider themselves lucky to be shoved in a wood chipper or shot in the face (but not by Cheney.)

As one of the unemployed (six months and counting) that sad faint glimmer of hope is the only thing one can cling to, but I know who’s to blame for this mess that sucked many of us into that vortex and would be more than happy to hold the fuckers accountable (within legal means…)

Didn’t I see Buscemi in a Star Trek episode wearing a red shirt?

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