It’s Like Lincoln and Douglas, But Without Lincoln and Douglas, and Getting Mugged at the Door

“Bleacher seating at the Gingrich/Cain debate, hosted by the Texas Tea Party Patriots at the Woodlands Resort in Houston, costs a cool $200. The next step up, the $500 ticket, gets you ‘prime seating’ and a ticket to the ‘Nite Cap party after the Debate,’ says the group’s website. And for the really high rollers, $1,000 will get you ‘the best seating in the house for the debate’ and ‘a professional picture taken with the candidates.'” [WSJ, via Political Wire]


@ManchuCandidate: Speaking of sex workers . . .

Also on the Sport radar screen – “Suck for Luck:” “Stanford’s Heisman-hopeful quarterback is the best NFL prospect to come along since Manning. He is the surest bet at his position in an NFL draft in a long time. That doesn’t make it right that any team should welcome losing for a chance to draft him.”

I wish my Maple Loafs did that when gunning for (concussed superstar) Sidney Crosby, but they didn’t because they are the Maple Loafs.

@ManchuCandidate: Sports Illustrated did a long ass article on that dude a week or two ago. Should be on their website. Let me know if you can’t get at it and I can exercise my rights and privileges as a Subscriber.

@jwmcsame: See that Jets game? Fucking brutal. Looked like something I scraped off the bottom of my shoe walking though the yard by the woodpile where the dogs take a dump.

The tragedy of a beautiful dead deer by the highway: Tebow after being mauled by the Lions this weekend. They’ll give him a compound leg fracture just to get bone splinters to pick their teeth. It’ll be all “Father, into thy hands I commend myself.” Lions by 250.

Well, God bless ’em for being so transparently sleazy. Truly these are the disciples of Sarah Palin.


Alls I needed was to pee. And since fucking PATCO stole my ticket, I needed an ATM. ATM happened to be located in bar. Bar happened to be located in gayborhood, like I cared.

Well, I’m lucky no one snatched out a clump of hair, but the bartenders like me, so I’ll be back. Jaysus! I mean, what’s the harm in telling someone that if they think they’re psychic, they’re most likely not an atheist? And so what if I think some ESPN game show is dumb if they can’t tell me why the host has that job except for exceptionally good looks? Sheesh. My kid gave me better reasons for why I can’t be dungeon master than they gave for me not being host of ESPN Good Hair Game Host. I will be back’

Oh please let there not be cameras where I just peed.

Apparently this bus driver wants me to hurl

November 5. Damn! I don’t get to Houston until the 9th.

I’m sorry, Jamie.

Where the fuck is this bus going?

@JNOV: Sounds like youtube to me. And plus, congrats on staying vertical. We’re all so proud.

@redmanlaw: Some show with three rounds where sportswriters opine on stuff and get points added or deducted.

@Benedick: You can fuck standing.

ADD: YES I’M STILL DRUNK, i think. gotta go find missing cat

I accosted some poor kid with an Anthrax beard until our buses came. Sad.

And a shaved head. I’m not sure why he did that to himself. Oh, that’s right — Anthrax!

@Benedick: If you must know, and I’m more than happy to share, it was behind a construction tarp under a train overpass. The tarp had “Do Not Enter” all over it in red letters. I tried to avoid their buckets and brooms, but, you know. I don’t have the urethral dexterity that comes with having a penis. I think the guys at the taxi stand might have seen me, or maybe they applaud everyone that comes out of the tunnel.

Simultaneous Bullpen explosions. WS Game 6 tied 9-9

@JNOV: Anthrax beard. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is Meatloaf’s son in law, btw.

Anthrax, “Antisocial”

@ManchuCandidate: Good. I don’t want Texas to have anything to cheer about.

@redmanlaw: since which Manning? Payton was a gamble coming out of college, and Eli the Sure Thing. How’s that turned out?

@JNOV: Pardon the Interruption? That’s the only sports show I like watching.

@mellbell: Whispers: “PTI!” I was sorry to see Mr Tony get kicked off his morning ESPN radio show only to be replaced by some goon named Colin Cowherd. Love Wilbon.

@redmanlaw: I met Wilbon at a Northwestern event here a couple of years back. He’s very charming.

The Stinque Remote Office is playing the White Album. They’ve now reached “Number 9… Number 9… Number 9…”

@mellbellisima: Around the Horn, I think.

I feel for those construction workers showing up at oh dark thirty. Surprise! But maybe more like, “Again?!”

@JNOV: Here, they are more likely to find out that someone stole all their tools or the wiring or other metals from their project overnight. Low rent thieves are running off with hand rails, catalytic converters, plaques, sculptures or parts thereof (saw a metal deer with a missing head yesterday). I’ve been watching a section of rail next to some train tracks get progressively shorter as the weeks go on.

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