God’s honest truth: When we first saw this Army poster – yes, it’s real – we thought the story would be about using kitties for improvised explosives.

And the second thing we thought was highly inappropriate.

Anyway, once you’re done giggling – really, it’s okay, how can you not? – here’s the sobering background:

The Army is redoubling its search for anyone who might have been bitten by a wild animal in Iraq or Afghanistan following the Aug. 31 death of a soldier from rabies, the service’s public health command stated Wednesday…

Spc. Kevin Shumaker, 24, became the first soldier to die from rabies since 1967 after he was bitten by a stray dog in Afghanistan.

Even worse: Shumaker actually received thee of six shots. But the final three had expired.

So yes, this is very serious business, and shame on you for thinking otherwise.

But still.

Army seeking troops bitten by stray animals following rabies death [Stars and Stripes, via Wired]

I don’t know what the second one is. Is it something to do with pussy? Cause this is a family site.

Awesome new edit button! This makes up for not being able copy paste tags.

“Cry Havoc and not pet the dogs of war.”

It really is horrible, not just the fact that someone died but because of bureaucratic ineptitude.

Was Halliburton in charge of providing pharmaceuticals to the Army?

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