Occupy Elizabeth Warren

The Management would like to thank Molly Erdman and director Brian Shortall for sparing us the trouble of thinking last night, because we had fucked-up shit to do for clients with impossible deadlines.

[via Weigel]

I’d like a revenge voucher for a free kick to the balls of Jamie Dimon and the rest of his gang of casino managers.

What you missed while you weren’t watching the debate.

Well, that and an interesting “History Detectives” episode on disputed Harlem land claims from the 1890s.

T/J: Blackberries are down today in the U.S. I may have to do some actual work.

@Dodgerblue: Haha, Disney employees everywhere are horrified that they actually will have to feign interest and involvement in meetings that they attend.

Except for us iPhone types…

@ManchuCandidate: You know who else needs a good ball-kicking? Michelle Bachmann. She totally stole my “666” thing about Herman Cain, and didn’t even give a shout-out. My lawyers are off on retreat planning a strategy.

@Dodgerblue: Oh I was talking about my personal lawyers, Hokum, Bumpkiss, and Tripe. It’s an old firm…

@Dodgerblue: In a totally unplanned move, I left my ‘berry at home in the rush to catch mass transit. Imagine my smug detachment when the CIO alerted us all to the outage this morning.

@Dodgerblue: Mine is up and running, probably because people still don’t know that New Mexico is part of US America.

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