You Can’t Conceal Karma

“The sponsor of the law that made it legal to carry a gun into bars in Tennessee is facing charges of possession of a handgun while under the influence and drunken driving.” [Knoxville News Sentinel, via jwmcsame]


The NRA will, I’m sure, be prepared to support a 2nd amendment defense to the drunken brandishing charge.

After all, what’s the point of going armed to a bar if only the weapon can get loaded?

Drunks being waved by guns don’t kill people!

What we have here is a failure to co-mun-i-cate.

If he had just calmly written out the address of his destination by firing his gun in the ground, then surely the officers would have just given him a ride.

The Tennessee “don’t be all fucked up whilst packing” provision is pretty common. A DWI can cost you your concealed carry license in New Mexico.

Fun Fact: The federal Gun Free School Zone Act that prohibits possession of firearms within 1000 ft of a school has an interesting loophole for people whose handgun licenses were issued by a law enforcement agency after a determination that the applicant is legally qualified for such a license. In New Mexico, the Department of Public Safety issues such licenses after a background check, fingerprinting and qualifying at a shooting range. One with such a license should therefore be able to pack heat in what is otherwise a “gun free zone.”

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