You Won’t Like Mormons When They’re Angry

“I would call upon Gov. Perry to repudiate the sentiment and the comments made by that pastor,” Romney told reporters just hours before the pair are scheduled to meet in another presidential debate. “Governor Perry said that introduction hit it out of the park,” Romney added. “I don’t believe that that kind of divisiveness based on religion has a place in this country.” [TPM]


I was going to post that I can just hear Romney saying that, and the way his nasally voice would grate on my nerves if I had to hear him, and “Which is worse: GW Bush’s fake Texan accent or Romney’s nasally upper-crust upper-midwestern one? Discuss.”

Then I started reflecting on how refreshing Black Eagle’s voice was after 16 years of southern (or faux southern) and then realized that the previous president, GHW Bush’s voice was grating in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as Romney’s. (This kind of meandering thought-train is why I mostly just read this site and do not try to comment.)

Anywho, presidential accents: which ones can YOU not stand to hear for more than a minute?

Republican debate tonite! Woo hoo!!!11! Mittens takes down Perry. Clash of the titans!

Live-blogging in 3… 2….

@Benedick: Live-blogging in 3… 2….

Be my guest. It’s on Bloomberg TV. If you can find it.

It’s still OK dump on Mohammedans, however, and the Hebrew is always good as a prop to bolster one’s End Times cred.

@redmanlaw: One reason why nobody fucks with the Hindus: Ganesh.

ADD: no add, I just like how smooth the edit function is on my iPad…

Those fuckers are debating AGAIN?

@: Or they are trying to win favor with Lakshmi?

If I’d had a daughter, I’d’a named her Lakshmi or Salome.

Okay, so my friend’s mom was a TBM, so she never drank coffee. BUT for some reason, she started giving herself coffee enemas. No one knows where she got the idea, but it was part of her morning routine.

So one morning, all milliondy kids were acting like milliondy siblings act when they range in age from newborn to tween, and Mom hadn’t had a chance to have her morning constitutional. Skillet hits wall. Kids hit the deck. Mom goes upstairs and comes down happy and perky and Mormony.

Later my friend told her mom that coffee enemas probably broke the Word of Wisdom, and her mom was like, “What? That’s silly.”

The Best Part of Waking Up Is Folgers in Your Butt

@JNOV: Ha ha.

We lasted about 15 mins which was 14 more than I needed. Then we watched some of Remains of the Day.

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: Shrub and Reagan. I start retching like a cat coughing up a ball of hair when I hear either of their voices. Shrub for the fake – FAKE FAKE FAKE Texas accent, and Reagan, for that quavery/jokey tone of his voice.

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: After my previous marriage I developed an inate ability to tune out just about anything. I occaisionally miss some imortant things, but only rarely. Please do not take offense. One must understand that this was a mental defense mechanism.

Before that I wanted throw shoes at the telly and that was before I was aware of the custom in middle eastern countries.

@JNOV: I was surprised that they were at it again as well. It is almost like a musical group is on tour. Or maybe an off Broadway production?

I read a headline that Mittens is hopeful of the big guy joining him on the ticket. That would really be rolling out the big gut.


Maybe they could audition for our Palin musical. Crazy Eyes (or Santorum) for the lead. Ranger Rick as Todd. For some reason, though, I have trouble coming up with a part for the Hermanator – perhaps Glen Rice.

P.S. I’d say that Newt is a natural for John McCain, but that would be mean to McCain.

@Walking Still: Cain can play one of the minority campaign workers canned en masse by Palin after her election as governor.

@mellbell: We could play it as if Palin was sending for the the ext-Hermanator.

Sorry, that was uncalled for.

@Walking Still: You could only use Newt if the rest of the cast was played by puppets of some kind. Too much of a disconnect otherwise.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That:

Aren’t all of them puppets of the Kochs anyway (give or take Ron Paul)?

Wouldn’t Newt and the Koch Puppets be a terrible name for rock band?

@Walking Still: There will be a posting on our Palin musical tomorrow. It’s a good news/bad news deal.

@Walking Still: Ext-Hermanator? I’m so proud of you.

@DElurker: Every time I take as piss, those fuckers are at it again.

What’s this musical business? Are there any brown women involved? Maybe I can wear a hat and stay out of the sun and have my hair relaxed and stop eating. I can get lightened up like Morena Baccarin in V and have them excise ghetto booty.

@Benedick: Remains of the Day — sounds like something that would make me bawl. I will walk out on a movie. I missed Brad, so I finally watched Meet Joe Black. Entertaining enough, esp since I hate romances, but the love scenes. Oh! And not rawr oh but tender oh. The music started to grate on my nerves after a while.

@JNOV: Disappointing. Merchant/Ivory movies are always only so/so. This one is the best but falls apart under the weight of the too rigid performances. Fine novel.
Best of this genre is Atonement. Simply magnificent movie. Yes you will cry but you will be glad you did. Brilliant adaptation by Christopher Hampton of the very fine novel. If you read it you’ll see just how good the adaptation is: note beach scene at Dunkirk.

@Benedick: Oh, they did Jefferson in Paris — I think before the DNA testing was done. That was ballsy.

@Benedick: Jim Ivory is a University of Oregon graduate, sir. Ducks don’t have middle brows.

@Benedick: Atonement NOT streaming on Netflix (at least Netflix has been up for a couple of days in a row, so we should give thanks). I’ll check out Project Free TV.

Speaking of tearjerkers, I’ve been trying to get through this documentary about the poor honey bees collecting toxic pollen from plants treated with pesticides that actually live in the the plants and not on them. WTF is THAT? And we eat that shit? You can’t wash off something that’s embedded in the seed and becomes one with the plant. I’m not pleased.

Also, is there any way to turn on a spell check in IE? I miss my little red lines.

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