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New York:

Community groups and progressive organizations that have been working with the broader Occupy Wall Street movement marched on Tuesday to the homes of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, billionaire David Koch, hedge fund honcho John Paulson, Howard Milstein, and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch.


Capitol Police moved swiftly to stop protesters unfurling banners at a U.S. Senate office building in Washington, D.C.

Protesters gained entrance to the Hart Senate office building’s atrium and dropped two banners, one reading “End War Now” and the other “People for the People.”

Yeah, so, um, comrades… You know how we Decent Common Folk got all upset over teabagger protests spilling over into uncomfortable confrontations? Yeah. That.

[photo via Sully]

Right, the teabaggers can show up armed to the teeth shrieking for the lynching of Obama and someone shows up to yell at a banker holding a ‘Niceness, for Niceness’ Sake!’ sign and he gets bayoneted to death by a SWAT team.

While Faux Newz chants “Death to Libruls!”

I have agree. I’d support a storming of the Bastille, but considering this is still polite society… a “Boo Bankers” will have to do.

No doubt, both of y’all above. The idiots on television that compare the wall street occupation to the teabaggers never mention that the teabaggers showed up with machine guns and threats to use them on the President and other elected officials and not one arrest or even an allegation of harassment ever occured. Do the pigs not understand that wall street is their enemy? How many cops ready to whup so much ass protecting those poor defenseless wallstreetians can afford to live in NYC? Sounds like we need a remake of Copland about now, with a half deaf and mostly dumb Rocky Rambo showing up at the end to clean up all the bad cops.

Today I mentioned at my bank (first tennessee) that the $7 that they took out of an $26 ($33-$7) account that no checks or debit card were ever issued on and had remained dormant for 11 months was the reason folks were occupying wall st. each teller, the one very assistant alleged manager and the resident barney fife all turned quickly to give me that “hey you’re uncool” glare.

@ManchuCandidate: “What do we want?”

“Undefined change of some sort involving equitable distribution or the tax burden, or something!”

“When do we want it?”


Oooh, and by the way, Nojo, this new site look is HAWT! The new edit comment thingie is making me wet.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Gawd, you people are easy. I only changed a few things visually.

Including the comment editing, since the old plug-in went bust with the WordPress upgrade. Which is fine. Never liked how it looked.

@jwmcsame: Your crappy $33 isn’t worth their keeping track of, even when it requires no effort at all. They would continue charging you $7 until the money was gone and then send you a letter to let you know that you owed them $2.29.

@nojo: My favorite thing is that I can go back and edit any time I want. Over at Balloon Juice they have nice buttons for blockquoting, linking, italics/bold, but the edit is only good for 5 minutes.

@nojo: Some of us are easier than others. Catt, for instance, can be had for a chocolate digestive biscuit. So I’ve heard.

I for one applaud OWStreeters. It’s grand to see Our Youth riled up and taking charge. I think that the fact these demonstrations are happening is the point.

@Benedick: The City of Santa Fe set up a tent with water and toilets for the Occupy Santa Fe group.

ADD: Stumbled across “Navajo Cops” on the natgeo channel. You guys should check it out to see an area I’ve spent much of my adult life in. They’re going out on a call now involving people with evil supernatural powers that enable them to change into animal form, or “skinwalkers.”
– Hey! I just saw a dude I used to work with who is now a tribal court judge.
– “Mazel tov” – grafitti in Ft. Defiance, AZ.

ADD ADD: So I was in the gas station picking up a Powerball ticket and some Gatorade when I looked over and saw that they were selling fair trade organic coffee. A true Santa Fe moment.

We snickered at the tay pardee ijits, and less than two years later they had total control of the US gummit, so there’s that.

@redmanlaw: i saw that last night but didn’t watch. my bad. i’ll make it a point to catch it next time. i had to switch over to the military channel to see if hitler didn’t fuck it up this time.

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