Weekend Batshit Roundup

On this Columbus Day weekend, The Management would like to take a moment to celebrate American Exceptionalism.

Ohio: “Beards, Hair Cut Off In Amish-On-Amish Attacks: Members of a group of families disavowed by mainstream Amish have cut the beards off men and the hair off a half-dozen or more men and women, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. He said the cutting apparently was meant to be degrading.” [AP]

Florida: “On Monday, Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne, filed HB 4063 to repeal the law. He says he doesn’t condone the dwarf tossing but he thinks the prohibition takes away freedoms and is against the American way… A representative of the Little People of America said the group hasn’t had time to study the bill but he raised concerns about the safety of people with dwarfism being thrown.” [Florida Current]

New Mexico: “A grocery store worker accused of handing out a semen-tainted yogurt sample at an Albuquerque market pleaded guilty Thursday. Under terms of his plea agreement, Anthony Garcia admitted he tainted a sample of the yogurt he was handing out at Sunflower Market in January. He also admitted putting some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he placed with the yogurt.” [AP, via JNOV]


Well, if it didn’t have live cultures before, it certainly does now!

Happy Canada City Thanksgiving to you guys too.

I guess this falls under a “I Hate Humanity” Weekend.

@ManchuCandidate: It ain’t just about the turkey, says Public Enemy: “500 years ago one man claimed To have discovered a new world Five centuries later we the people Are forced to celebrate a black Holocaust How can you call a take over a discovery?”

More Columbus Day Rawk: “The Nina! The Pinta! The Santa Maria! Sleep now in the fire! Better than coffee, my man.

Mrs RML pointed out that there are no likeable characters in The Ides of March, the new George Clooney movie we saw last night. (On the other had, we helped an African gentleman jump start his car in the rain after the show.) Real Steel got decent reviews. Bet it wins the box office, probably with our family’s help. (Mrs. RML: “Hugh!” My son and me: “Dude – fighting robots!”

Firewood run to the national forest is off today due to the rain. We actually have a winter weather watch this weekend. Ski swap is next weekend, but I should be off scouting for elk next weekend and hunting the following weekend.

Yeah, for a quite a few it’s not a happy day. I forgot.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m not one of the haters. As I’ve noted before, the Pueblo Indians of the US American Southwest have a really sweet deal – got our own lands, religion, languages are still vital, tribal governments are getting it done and are in some cases taking over delivery of education, health care and other trust responsibilities from The Man.

Columbus Day this year means I’m working at home and finding something for my kid to do. I was going to take him to get wood on Monday, but I’m moving that to Sunday.

Aw, fuck. I forgot to cash my travel check. Replenishing the Black Account will have to wait until Tuesday.

Here in So Cal, a woman who killed, dismembered and ate her husband is asking to be released from jail on parole. She claims a religious conversion, although which religion is not exactly clear.

Football wise he’s been dead for a decade or two though. Definitely too soon. A friend of mine in SoCal is probably in mourning… an Al Davis shrine next to his effigy of Jamarcus Russell.


@redmanlaw: What, he waited until they started to half way decent?

@Dodgerblue: If her husband was named Hey-seuss, she could just claim she was taking communion.

@Nabisco: You boldly went where I was hesitant to go.

@RML / @manchu: this just in — reports say that while Al Davis is dead, his skin is still alive.

(Seriously: you look up “leathery” in Websters, you see Al.)

@redmanlaw: Harry Shearer: The Raiders will wear black. As usual.

It’s Fleet Week here in Ess Eff, which means lots of Navy jets performing aerial stunts over the City and scaring the shit out of the neighborhood dogs. We’re fleeing town and going to Marin to visit the Marine Mammal Center that takes care of all the rescued sea lions and seals, and then on to Sonoma to check on the status of the fall crush.

@Dodgerblue: The parole board in CA doesn’t seem to go for the “I found Jesus” arguments the way the parole boards do in other states.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, if they don’t hear you say “Namaste,” you’re back in the joint for another 3 years.

@chicago bureau: Somewhere, Skeletor sheds a tear for his brother.

This Columbus Day is the 41st anniversary of my arrival in Ibadan, Nigeria. Those were indeed the days.

P.S. I don’t care.

@Dodgerblue: She’s a disciple of the Cannibal Anarchy, which is now upon us in its full glory. Does her counsel have budget for an expert witness?

@FlyingChainSaw: Have you been following the Conrad Murray trial? This is the $150K/month doctor who was present when Michael Jackson died. His defense: Michael self-medicated and killed himself. Problem: no evidence of that. He may soon be looking for good appellate counsel.

@Dodgerblue: The only part I read was a transcript of a call where Michael talks about building children’s hospital. He was clearly out of it. Made me sad. (Not because I liked him, but because he was clearly out of it while talking to his Dr,. and Dr. Feelgood kept pumping him full of shit.)

Why is the cannibal in prison and not in an institution for the criminally insane?

I’m not sure if she’s got her GOP membership yet aka One Flew Over The Teabagger’s Nest.

@ManchuCandidate: She’s a job creator: prison guards. Too bad Russ Meyer isn’t around to make “Busty Cannibal Killers Behind Bars.”.

General HF is in Sandy Eggo this weekend. I may have an opportunity to personally blame him for my fate.

@nojo: I can tell you that HF enjoys quality beer. Make us proud.

@nojo: “It’s cold gin time again,” as far as I’m concerned.

Another burglary in the hood, so I uparmored a side gate to anti-Mongol grade. Inner perimeter defense is now complete. I saw our friend who got hit (the same family that had the 4 am intruder(s)) at Home Depot so I just threw a bunch of extra shit in the cart and got to work.

Where’s Manchu? I’m getting Canadian futbol on the dish tonight.

@nojo: Remind him of his duty. He isn’t Moses. He didn’t look out over the Jordan only to get distracted by Grindr.

Anyone watching Prohibition? It’s a biting indictment of teabaggerism. Extremely well done. Peter Coyote gives very good narration. He also gave a friend herpes if you want to believe her. Very good.

@redmanlaw: The account of the arrival of the Icelanders in North America circa 1000 CE as told in The Saga of the Greenlanders and in Eirik the Red’s Saga is fascinating and fun. Published by Penguin Classics in a jumbo edition. Notable are Icelandic Sport and divorce traditions. Also weregild. Every life had its price.

Loving how noje has classed the place up. I feel this is what I deserve.

HF & I now planning world domination at Shakespeare’s. Or some kind of domination.

@nojo: That HF, he’s always a top planning domination…

Tell him we feel used. Well, I do. For Catt that’s his default.

Please remind HF he’s not holding up his part of the quota for hot-men-holding-puppies posts. No one is, actually. It’s tragic.

@flippin eck: So when I hold up puppies I’m not hot? Good to know.

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