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Title: “This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House”

Author: Herman Cain!

Rank: 10

Blurb: “If you care about the future of America, you have heard of the down-to-earth political newcomer running for president, the straight-talking man of the people with blunt assessments of what America needs. Originally overlooked by mainstream politicos and media, Herman Cain[!] is truly a candidate from ‘outside the Beltway,’ but no longer one who is being ignored. BUT WHO IS HE?”

Review: “Let Obama be the president that was the country’s greatest gun salesmen and the president that caused the greatest awakening in the history of our Country. His agenda and failed policies and extreme left rhetoric awoke the sleeping population on America. He may have saved us from ruin and not by the grace of his actions and policies but the great awakening in opposition to his tyranny and socialism. Herman Cain[!] is just the man to pick up the pieces and put this country back on the right path.”

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Footnote: Where’s Victor Borge when you need him?

This Is Herman Cain! [Amazon]

Buy or Die: The Resurrection [Stinque@Amazon Kickback Link]


To be, er, fair I guess it is progress in race relations in US America when a black man can be accepted by people as dense and delusional as Teabaggers.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to read “The Cain! Mutiny” by Not Herman Cain!

You say you’ve got a real solution
Well, you know
We all want to see your plan.

I’d rather have a beer with him than any of the other Repub candidates.

@Dodgerblue: Really? Not Huntsman? I bet he’d pay. He’s richer than Croesus. Though not as rich as Romney. I bet he’d be interesting. And he wouldn’t talk about himself all the time. I’d let Huntsman buy me dinner.

@Benedick: I would have a beer with none of them … in fact, if I find out someone is a Republican, I purge them from my life. The entire party is insane, and anyone who stays a member is damnably to be blamed.

Note to Lefty: wait until next year.

@Dodgerblue: Two years in a row of The Tree slamming Uklah in the wimmin’s soccer. The game was sold out! I couldn’t believe it last night when I tried to buy the tickets. I went by the soccer stadium to see if I could watch from outside where the people without tickets stand, but it was 10 people deep, mostly with 8 year old girls’ soccer teams. The Tree women are so awesome with the girls and are fantastic role models for them. It never fails to make me verklempt to see the pre-teen girls at women’s soccer or basketball games.

Console yourself with nekkid Hope Solo. You’re welcome.

@blogenfreude: I was at a dinner party (grain of salt? over here) on the Cape with old school Republicans, including a superannuated trollop brought from the old country – and you know what? they’re decent people. I made it clear early on I was not about to listen to crap about Obamacare, etc and they behaved. One in particular was revealed to be a man of extraordinary generosity and imagination.

I would have a beer with Huntsman. I would want to know about his workout regimen and how his abs are doing. I would be willing to have a similar discussion with 3 out of 5 of the Romney boys. I would also consent to a certain amount of horseplay and towel-snapping in the locker room after a particularly grueling workout if it led to shared motel rooms and midnight confessions involving handcuffs.

Having worked in musical theatre I’m used to dealing with Republicans. It’s odd but regular layabout actor types tend to be liberals whereas Climb Ev’ry Mountaineers tend to dress right. I’ve learned to ignore prayer circles imploring Jebus to bless tonight’s show (director of Book of Mormon, hello!) and connect instead with their hopes and dreams and fears of never working again.

@SanFranLefty: Such a mitzvah you’ve started the new year with!

@Benedick: I saw “Chad Deity” at the Geffen last night. Desmin Borges was fantastic and the surprisingly young crowd (for the Geffen — think white-haired, assimilated Jews with failing hearing) raised the roof.

@Benedick: You’re a better man than I … for me, zero tolerance.

A good friend of mine is a member of the Contarded.. the conservative party of Canada City. I once went to a yout’ group meeting and endured an entire night of insults and stupid comments. Of course, I was told by my friend not to mention my liebrul leanings (wouldn’t look good for him) and nearly chewed through my tongue. But I had about six beers so I didn’t care.

@blogenfreude: What do you do with kin folk? Everyone has relatives that are repugs.

@ManchuCandidate: the one Republican friend I had whored around on his wife, had a child out of wedlock, cheated me out of a few bucks, and on and on. Sure he had a substance abuse problem, but if you listen to the GOP they claim to be above that sort of thing and don’t want to pay for ordinary folk to get help for their own drug and alcohol problems. So no GOP for me.
@DElurker: Small family, and I am such a shut-in that I rarely see the one problematic uncle.

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