And the Very Next Day, the Pizza Business Mysteriously Crashed

[9news Colorado]

This is shocking. It makes me very very paranoid.

What a dick*

*don’t smoke the stuff myself but jeez talk about being a petty little Stasi agent.

what a rat. i had customers get me high and give me joints all the time when i delivered for dominos. i’ll bet there are more dope smoking pizza deliverers than not and damn near half the poppa johns customers get high too. i would recommend organizing a few regular poppa johns customers and calling the cops on ole ratly mcpizzafuck every time he leaves the house. i would have the cops believing he was speeding through stop signs and redlights and scaring all the little children too. and of course no tip for ratly.

I’ve noticed that our prisons are dangerously underpopulated.

I thought pizza delivery guys really delivered dope. Who can make money on shuttling around spewy bits of dough and tomato ooze?

Not to mention that the cooks are all high as kites.

Working food service at a ski area. “Tips” can be nice for the guy working the outside grill on a nice sunny late winter day.

4:20 on the West Coast now, I see.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, sposta rain tonight, so everyone on the freeways will freak out tomorrow.

@Dodgerblue: Rained so hard after work it looked like that fake movie rain that moves in sheets. There was a river in the parking lot at the grocery store. I almost split some wood and built our first fire of the fall tonight. Big firewood run on Saturday.

@¡Andrew!: Thank Baby Jeebus for those crowded prisons, get them out there picking the crops since the Hispanics are all fleeing town. Maybe we should call the farms plantations, since forced prison labor sounds so yucky and runs afoul of Wal-Mart’s code of ethics for foreign country producers.

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