Yes, I know, this is Anne Hathaway’s stunt double smashing an expensive IMAX camera, but does the casting choice for Catwoman/Selina Kyle trouble anyone? The nerd in me is nervous.


Ms. Hathaway, whom I like a lot, I think would have been a better Batgirl. Mila Kunis could have been a scary awesome younger Catwoman. Actually, Jessica Chastain, the female lead in The Debt (which I saw last night – ****!) could be a very serious stone cold Catwoman and a worthy match/adversary for The Batman.

Dallas about to go down in flames.

Women in Sport Update: My brother’s girlfriend put three shots into the heart of a deer target at 100 yards today. She was using a bolt action .308 cal. rifle we had just sighted in.

Just watched the scene. God, that was stupid.

@redmanlaw: I would have cast Eliza Dushku as Catwoman, but what do I know?

Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt, or I’m staying home.

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