Gov. Good Hair at the OKKK Corral

The Washington Post reported today that “Niggerhead” was the name of Rick Perry’s family hunting camp and ranch in West Texas. The word was also painted in three-foot high block letters spread across a 5 foot wide rock at the entrance to the ranch.  The word has now been painted over in white paint and the rock has been turned over.

Ranchers who once grazed cattle on the 1,070-acre parcel on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River called it by that name well before Perry and his father, Ray, began hunting there in the early 1980s. There is no definitive account of when the rock first appeared on the property. …But the name of this particular parcel did not change for years after it became associated with Rick Perry, first as a private citizen, then as a state official and finally as Texas governor. Some locals still call it that.

Herman Cain is pissed. Unclear if Cain is surprised.

[WaPo: Rick Perry Family’s Hunting Camp Still Known By Racially Charged Name]
[LAT: Herman Cain: Name Shows Insensitivity]

Of course, one irony of this story is that the newspaper publishing the article cheers for a shitty football team with an shitty racially offensive name.

Some in the GOP are racist, some are not and run the Southern Strategy anyway. It’s how they win. It’s in their blood. Perry is almost certainly a racist, but it’s almost worse if he’s not and runs the standard GOP playbook. Either way, this is no surprise.

Thanks to Lefty and the Stinque editors, legal department, and advisory board on cultural affairs for not going with ‘the N-word’. Which I find to be infinitely worse.

Here’s a “blame the messenger and Herman Cain is a tool” take on the ranch thing. @blogenfreude: Here’s the “Perry’s not a racist” push back.

Remember, my Tejas journalist friend said Perry won’t play well outside of the state. Let’s see whether he can pull this off. My personal takeaway on this is that Perry has not been there since 2006, which means (a) he does not hunt anymore or (b) he’s hunting elsewhere.

Perry has used guns (and a grenade launcher) as campaign props, but I have not seen anything that actually verifies that he is a hunter. Allegedly shooting a coyote in Austin does not count, and I think that story has some holes in it anyway. People have hunting leases in Texas because about 99 percent of the land there is privately owned, so it’s not like here in New Mexico where we can just head out to the federal public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management for shooting as we did yesterday or to a national forest for hunting. If I had a 1,000 acre hunting lease, I’d be out there as often as possible, but he’s a governor and I’m not so I can see where his day job could cut into his valuable hunting time.

As for hunting elsewhere, that’s a possibility. Republicans dig exclusive hunting private properties because public lands are for losers in their eyes, so I’m sure wherever he goes (if he does) has a high tone lodge, ATVs to get out to the field, and tame/released animals or birds shot over bait to ensure hunter success.

@redmanlaw: my Tejas journalist friend said Perry won’t play well outside of the state

That was my question from the start. Nothing definitive, nothing certain, but I wanted to see whether he could jump from college to pro.

@redmanlaw: “…and tame/released animals or birds shot over bait to ensure hunter success.”

Don’t forget the hunting buddy to shoot in the face. That’s a must at private hunting lodges in Tejas!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I have previously opined here that I think the coyote story is a crock of shit.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas claims to shot a coyote while jogging in April 2010 with a Ruger LCP .380 caliber laser sighted pistol, but he has never produced any proof of his deed. Furthermore, that model of pistol fires a tiny bullet at limited ranges and red lasers are hard to see in full daylight. WHERE’S THE COYOTE, GOVERNOR?

If you look at the coverage of this, all the stories cite the same claim that Perry made to the Associated Press. There has been no independent verification of Perry’s claim – no neighbor interviews, no citations to police reports of a shot fired or coyote sightings in the area, no witness statements, and more importantly – no coyote. Perry or his spokesman has said that Perry left the coyote where it fell and it “became mulch,” so his story – if true – also involves improper disposal of a dead animal.

Oh, and by the way, the Ruger LCP (in pink) has been very favorably reviewed by the Gunslinging Housewife:

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