Can You Spot the Clown?

You’re right. It’s a trick question.

The Management would like to thank Media Matters for providing a soft target after The Management was subdued by four beers during Thursday night’s Republican Preznidential Debate. The Management would also like to thank Apple for programming an adaptive iPad spellcheck function that now suggests “Preznidential” after finger-stabbing only a few characters. Suck on that, Android.

[via Political Correction]

Nojo dear: I worry about your being in an abusive relationship with your Android.

Due to some nifty autocheck-while-drunk features plus the fact that Mr. Cub’s Android phone keeps crashing and doing fucked up things, I have now become ensconced on the iSide, mobile device-wise.

Apparently society wants me to choose between the Android and the iPhone, but I really like my Blackberry Storm 2.

@redmanlaw: Meh, stick with Blackberry if it suits your needs. The main selling point with me was that I could get the iPhone for very cheap (a refurb) compared to the Android options that were out there. That, and I’ve been using an iPod Touch since 2007/8, so I’ve already learned the OS.

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