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If you missed our One-Man Open Thread — no apologies, we’re just obsessed — the format of tonight’s Fox/Google debate was heavily tilted toward YouTube questions, which leads to a dreadfully dull Who loves America more? vibe. But somehow, this question about DADT from a gay servicemember in Iraq slipped through.

What you’ll hear from lefty blogs — such as the way this TPM clip is packaged — is that the Republican crowd booed an American serving his country. But what struck us in the moment is that the question even got asked — on Fox News.

There were similar examples of interesting questions — tonight and at the last Fox debate — although this was the most notable. The caricature of Fox News is well-deserved and augmented daily, but we’ll give them credit on the rare occasions they see fit to practice journalism.

[via TPM]

Glad to see the chicken-hawk teabaggers support our troops to such a great extent. What’s next, no money for the VA, to fly deployed troops from BWI to their home airport, or to put armor on Humvies?



Crazy lady Bachmann said that she wanted taxes eliminated.

Frivolous and irresponsible. Like nothing so much as a variety show on Telemundo. All that was missing were boy dancers in tight pants. Bachmann continues to fade. She now seems to be held upright only by her hair spray. Perry can barely form a sentence. Which is just as well as I don’t want to know what he thinks as I prefer to be able to sleep at night. Mittens not worth the price of his Brylcream. Huntsman goes full-bore pander but inherited wealth really shows in his grooming. Paul looks more than ready to check into Shady Pines Retirement Living for Active Seniors but the question for him from the matching pair of Paultards, Bambi and Thumper, had to force an ‘Awwww!!!!’ from even the stoniest of hearts.

Megyn WTF Kelly’s eyelashes were drag-queen worthy. Like they were cut from the paper needles come in, set in rows. Wearing so much make-up she made me think of Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger. (Pop quiz!) Mind you, Chris Wallace seemed to be wearing even more pancake. And the veneers were blinding.

The ‘format’ made the questioners more important than the ‘candidates’. As to the ‘point’ of this post, I was pretty stunned when one of the ‘presenters’ introduced us to a word cloud of the questions submitted and gay marriage WASN’T EVEN THERE. That, it seems to me, is progress. I then had to spend the next five minutes explaining testily to the hubby what a word cloud is. He wasn’t impressed.

We now seem to be playing Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader to which the answer is a resounding No!

I’m off to the Cape.

What is the chance those booing this soldier ever served their country? I’m going with 0%. BTW, my godson in Afghanistan made sergeant yesterday.

@Mistress Cynica: But it is their right to judge anyone who is LGBT and is in uniform because Jeebus did not say said so.

Congrats to your godson!

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve served my county by being a prosecutor, legal aid lawyer and through seasonal employment with the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. Almost joined the Army when I dropped out of college for the first time but a friend who served in the Israeli army advised against it, said it would not have been a good match.

@Benedick: I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one concerned about Megan’s eyelashs. Made my eyes itch just to look at that clip.

@Mistress Cynica: Mazel tov!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I take it back. No self-respecting drag queen would wear such Maybeline crap. Particularly if they were then to be slathered in mascara. I wanted to reach into the screen to pick off the congealed gobs. She must be forced to use Albolene to get that crap off her face. Oh, and plus (since we seems to be going there) the line under her chin where the make-up stopped and skin began?! (interrobang) Does she not have a mirror? Did she not know that there would be bright lights? Is Charles Busch now chief make-up artist for Fox? Jesus, I could do better with my fingers after a visit to CVS. I don’t so much mind that the Fox entourage is evil incarnate I object to the fact that they’re such fucking amateurs.

Hint to Megyn (bitch, please) find out who does J-Lo. Hire her/him/it. You have a fucking lawyer. Make him write it into your contract. And then talk to a competent gay man about your fucking hair. Jesus! Must gay liberals tell you everything??!!!

@Mistress Cynica: Tell him well done.

I served my country by not joining the marines. Even though I was like totally butch enough. I could have gone Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! And shared late night confidences in cheap motel rooms in Tulsa that led to back rubs, comparing abdominal definition, workout tips, remembrances of girls back home, and a certain amount of wrestling before bed. Wearing standard-issue boxers. In rooms with no air-conditioning. As summer storms rolled over the plains pushing sheet-lightning before them. That lit the room as we struggled for top.

Wait. Why did I not join the Marines?

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