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If, after watching a Republican debate, you feel a compelling need to get the fuck off the planet, might we suggest Saturn? The rings are lovely when it eclipses the Sun, and in case you have second thoughts, you can still see Earth and remember why it was so important to put 979 million miles between you and the rest of godforsaken humanity.

In the Shadow of Saturn [NASA, via Kottke]

The stupids will be with us… always.

Hell I can’t even escape it in my own damn house. For the last 6 weeks, my housemate has pitched a hissy fit like a damn crybaby because I’m mean and selfish and cruel. Why? I needed some quiet to work on an on-line job application and he wanted to watch TV in the living room. Normally I don’t care, but the housemate is going deaf and cranks the volume up to annoying levels. Plus he wouldn’t even give me 40 minutes. It’s not the first time he’s done this. The rule in my family on common areas is first come first serve (unless you’re dad.) Not my fault he didn’t get up till 11am. The kicker? He’s got a TV in his bedroom.

Yeah it’s dumb. BTW, I’m not renewing his lease next year.

@ManchuCandidate: During my stupid attempt to buy a house which ultimately failed when the house flooded when a valve upstairs burst, we lived with friends up the street from there. I should say former friends. They goaded us into trying to buy it and living with them (gay conservatards) was unbearable. The moment I snapped was when one of them was watching the local Fox affiliate air a story about Reagan for some reason, and he said that “[Reagan] was a great man.”

They also nickeled and dimed us for labor when we moved out, paint, etc., when we moved from their house. We’ve got an apartment now in liberal Mayberry-meets-Berkeley Decatur and are surrounded by lesbian libtards with strollers.

I can’t live with roommates. Haven’t been able to since college when a love triangle developed in the house between a married couple and a single white female. I’m only able to live with romantic partners.

Can’t say that I blame you.

The housemate wasn’t bad for a while, but as time moved on he hasn’t really grown up. He wants a wife and family, but doesn’t do anything to actually meet women and actually developed some serious neuroses about it which then give me grief because it is that all too human trend to blame someone else than to blame yourself. I’ve tried to help him on the female side, but he emphatically insists he doesn’t need help (he really does.) He still wants to go out with fit supermodels who are educated, but the problem is that he is none of those things.

The big issue is he’s still a kid mentally. I don’t know much about women, but one thing I’m certain about is that mature adult women are not really fond of dating/marrying man babies (despite what we see on TV and movies.)

@ManchuCandidate: I know plenty of gay men who have a similar outlook like this dude, unfortunately.

I dunno. I know more than a few, too. What is it about the male side of species that makes many of us man babies?

I don’t consider myself that mature or adult, but still…

@ManchuCandidate: Hard to say. Some have the theory that adolescence has been extended in our society to adulthood, but I’m not sure where the truth lies.

@ManchuCandidate: Have you considered working au naturel …that would keep him in his room.

TJ: The U.S. Census officially states the obvious: we’re getting poorer.

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