Do As I Say, Not As Mis Abuelos Do

“New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, who has drawn national attention and criticism from immigrant advocacy groups for trying to stop illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses, has acknowledged her paternal grandparents came to the U.S. illegally.” [AP, via Political Wire]


Sandy Eggo just lost power — putting my brand-new Red Cross crank-radio to work.

Radio reports power out countywide — even up to San Clemency — although Del Mar’s apparently still wired.

Half-hour in, and AM newsradio can’t reach the power company…

Local powerco and Cali grid operator now engaged in pissing match…

No sign of Teabagger Zombies yet; cannibal anarchy not expected until after sundown.

@nojo: Air conditioner overload? A big day at the backcountry meth labs? San Diegans rushing to watch Obama’s speech?


Canadian invasion. And you thought they’d attack by way of Minnesota.

Rumors of dinosaurs invading the waterfront are being denied.

@nojo: They’re actually vacationing Arizonans, led by Quayle Jr. You say potatoe…

Palm Springs down! Palm Springs down!

Also, Tijuana.

And maybe even Yuma.

Just hearing that Coachella and Salton Sea power plants went boom, according to ham radio dude.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Our friend Sandra Martinez, who came here as a little girl, broke the grandparent story about six weeks ago in Mrs RML’s newspaper in a profile she wrote on the governor. Susana has a bill before the special session of the legislature that would deny driver’s licenses to persons of the same status as the governor’s grandparents. The Mexican-hating public loves the idea.

@redmanlaw: Mexican-hating public? Is not your great state called New (wait for it) Mexico? It’s not New Canada, for fuck’s state.

@dodger: 70 minutes in, and SDGE is fucking clueless.

(Radio: presser soon.)

@nojo: Ensenada without power. American frat boys distraught.

@Dodgerblue: We have a fair number of racist assholes around here, some while and even some native New Mexican Hispanics who hate the new arrivals. The big 50,000 watt talk radio station is all hate, all the time. The three groups talk radio here hates the most are liberals, immigrants and native Hispanic Democrats.

SDGE blames Arizona…

Something there tripped a high-voltage line (terrorism not suspected), and the sudden surge tripped another line, and then San Onofre (local nuke) went down, and then the traffic lights went dark as I was driving home.

(Just after I bought some kefir at the hippie store. My timing was perfect today.)

1.4 million customers affected. Other plants are being fired up, and Sandy Eggo proper — me — should have juice sometime tonight. Elsewhere, it might be a full day.

Meanwhile, 3G Internet very spotty. Everybody else, drop yer iPhones!

Fabulous speech. Our president makes Republicans look like children, aided by cutaways to Cantor and Ryan acting like children.

Why is Boehner now darker than Obama? What is he trying to tell us?

Michelle Obama looked miserable. And he looks very thin. I wonder if he’s eating his tofu.

Oh. And Sandy Eggo without power… I have nothing to say beyond Batteries, Tuna, Gin.

@benedick: No gin, but I bought a six-pack for the debate last night.

Meanwhile, it’s Carmageddon on the streets, and the airport is only partially open — which is gonna fuck up the rest of the country.

And the Elevator Horror Stories start rolling in…

OK, my work here is done, I’m going out for a beer and some feetball.

Oooh ooh oooh I have one.

I was once trapped in an elevator in my apartment building for 4 hours during exam time at school because my idiot friends thought it would be cool to jump up and down in an elevator and caused the elevator to jump off its rails.

It was when I also discovered that one of my friends was claustrophobic. He was not impressed with me when I started razzing him about it.

SDGE prez: “major disturbance in the transmission system”. Yes, that’s what the kids call it these days.

Has any winger attempted to connect up (a) the power failure with (b) Black Eagle calling for infrastructure projects AT ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME TIME?!!1!!!11!

I can’t be bothered to look. I’m too scared.

@nojo: Arizona has fucked up pretty much everything else, so why not the power grid?

@nojo: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Pilates workgroup forced to abandon workouts!

Wholefoods forced to scrap entire inventory of chicken turmeric.

Sailors stranded on way back from wrestling practice with nothing to wear but a thin sweat-soaked singlet forced to beg passersby for beds. Hmm. It could work.

So is it worth me finding on the tubez a clip of Black Eagle’s speech on jobs? Just got home, as I would like to keep my job…

@SanFranLefty: I think it is. Mr Cyn and I listened to it. He spotted some idiot chewing gum. While the President addresses Congress. My grandmother would slap that young man upside the head.

@nojo: San Onofre? Oh jeez. (still reading). Zonies? Yes. No traffic lights=free for all. Power back? ADD: Oh, maybe not until tomorrow? Ugh.

Good speech, btw.

@Benedick: We used to trade stuff with the Russian sailors. 1990ish. Smart U.S. sailors traded Levi’s for USSR uniforms.

@nojo: Did some fonts change around here? And why no blurb?

@JNOV: The power is out in Sandy Eggo, so any fakaka may be temporary. Don’t panic yet. Chill.

@Mistress Cynica: OMFG, gum?? Gum? GUM?

Who? Who was it? where is it on the clip?

@SanFranLefty: I’ll have to ask him. I was making dinner while it was on. It was close to the end, I think.

@SanFranLefty: Dazzling speech. Lincoln-worthy.

@JNOV: We came here on a soviet luxury liner that was all about how to get blue-jeans off reactionary americanskys.

@SanFranLefty: There hasn’t been a blurb for a few (?) days, so I don’t think that’s power-related. “If it smells,…” looks different, but that could be me. Sadly, I missed Defcon 19. That woulda been chill.

@Benedick: Ha! My friend got a USSR Navy cover (hat). I didn’t get shit because I was too stupid.

@JNOV: Your browser sucks.

Either that, or you’ve turned off javascript.

@nojo: noscript — but I whitelisted you…

ADD: Ghostery

@JNOV: If you’re Going Geek, you’re on your own.

@SanFranLefty: The power is out in Sandy Eggo

…but the server’s in Houston. And it’s already survived a hurricane.

Oh, and the hills across the airport? Still dark. Luck of the draw.

@nojo: Heh. Yeah, Ghostery updated right around the time I stopped seeing the blurb. Alls well, blah de blah.

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