Sarah Palin Has Left the Building

Erick Erickson: “I am at the point of fearing that should Palin not get in the race we’re going to have a Hale Bopp moment with many of her most ardent supporters. These people have become too emotionally invested in one person to discuss that person rationally or even to address serious policy concerns.” [RedState]


If that’s the case, is there someplace I can donate to make *sure* she doesn’t enter the race? Maybe chip in for the grape drink? ;)

It’s always the kooks who project their sins on others.

I almost choked laughing.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I really wanted to just post the entire column — it’s that good — but I usually limit that move to promotional text or other artifacts.

@Benedick: Hale Popp.

BTW, #Inappropriatefuneralsongs or some such is trending on twitter. (I went to double check hashtag but got failwhaled.) I Will Survive seems to be in the lead.

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