And Now We’re Stuck with Britney Spears in Our Head the Rest of the Day

“This morning on ABC, Karl Rove said Rick Perry’s extreme views on Social Security — detailed in his book “Fed Up!” — are ‘toxic’ both in the Republican primary and the general election. Rove also dismissed Perry’s response thus far as ‘inadequate.'” [ThinkProgress] Presuming Perry shows up, our GOP Debate open thread starts at 7:45pm ET.


Baby, can’t you see
I’m laughing
Dummies like you
Should wear a warning
Plan is dangerous
You’re stupid

There’s no escape
I can’t hide
Your plan’s just shit
Baby, give it up
You’re dangerous
I’m lovin’ it

Too dumb
Feeling down
Losing my head
Spinning Round and Round
Low taxes now

With a taste of your plans
We’re on a slide
You’re toxic
We’re slipping under
With a taste of tax free anarchy
I’m repulsed by you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
And I loathe what you do
Don’t you know that you’re toxic

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